Find Your Soul in Bali



by Dino B,

There are many tour operators providing Bali tours and vacations these days. Incredibly, Bali gets fewer actual visitors by Americans, however, and many choose to find a destination that is closer and perhaps, less mysterious. There is much the world can learn from Bali. It is a wonderful place with wonderful people. It’s exotic, tropical, steeped in colorful tradition and lore, and it doesn’t hurt that it has the most breathtaking beaches in the world, but there is much more to Bali tours than many realize.

Bali is considered the health and wellness capital of Asia and perhaps the yoga capital of the world. It is a place where people go to rejuvenate and heal not only their body, but their soul. For centuries, exotic healing, beauty, and relaxation methods have been practiced and perfected throughout the world, but perhaps nowhere else have they been better refined than in Bali. It is a sanctuary of holistic wellness set amongst rice fields, palm trees and crystal clear water. Spa prices are very inexpensive and the practitioners have learned techniques that have been handed down for generations. Spa treatments, massages and meditation are recommended to any traveler as part of their visit to this wonderful island paradise.

The traditional spas, yoga centers and wellness retreats are indeed wonderful, but every visitor to Bali should experience the culture in one way or another as well. It is rich in art, song and dance and has a great affinity for life. The people of Bali, for instance, have an amazing appreciation for their own culture and way of life. Should you ask a Balinese individual what heaven is like, the probable answer will be “just like Bali.” This just goes to show that most Balinese are at peace with themselves. One factor that contributes to this laid back way of life is the tradition and strong family ties in Bali. Support among family is always available. Balinese extended families tend to be so tightly knit that all members typically reside in the same complex. This, and other aspects of Balinese life can be explored by guests, but they have to leave the resort to do so.

One of the region’s most over-looked tourist areas is Bali’s mountains and volcanoes. Undoubtedly, most tourists come to Bali for the beautiful beaches and resorts, but there’s much more to discover away from the beach. Bali has some lovely trails and hiking along its mountain ranges and through its valleys. There are volcanoes and jungle retreats. There’s wildlife and phenomenal rivers and waterfalls. One will find Bali’s inland paradise stirring to their blood. If you’re a photographer, Bali is a dream. Beyond Bali’s natural environment are ruins and villages where guests can meet the island’s virtuous inhabitants. Discover some of the most extraordinary paintings and sculptures in the world in the little villages and communities tucked away among the hillsides and rice fields. Explore Bali away from the beaches and you’ll likely leave with your body renewed and your soul at peace.

Visitors can really find the spirit of Bali by connecting with a niche tour operator such as those that offer cultural immersion tours or health and wellness experiences. The beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts of Bali are indeed an alluring draw, but if one wants to experience the real Bali, he or she must venture beyond the hotels and into the island’s interior. There they will find the best Bali has to offer. There are majestic ruins, beautiful gardens and alluring water palaces to be discovered. There is an entirely different world that one simply cannot find poolside. Visitors are encouraged to find a travel company that has a unique connection to the island so guests can experience the real Bali.

Bali is the closest thing we have to paradise. It is just one of over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, only two hundred of which are inhabited. Certainly travelers can find tropical resorts and island destinations elsewhere around the world, but Bali is special because of its people and culture. A Bali vacation ought to be in everyone’s bucket list. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.


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