Film on Wildlife Conservation – A good step to spread awareness

Wildlife-credit: -

Wildlife-credit: –

by Anshul Srivastava,

In today’s hectic life, people don’t have the time to think about their near and dear ones, then where can the distant creatures of the wild find themselves in the order of importance? Human beings are going more into their shells and becoming more and more self-centered. Deforestation, poaching and environmental pollution are the evils through which most of the non-human life forms are being pushed towards the verge of extinction.

The animals play a very significant role in the ecosystem. An ecosystem is what sustains life on the Earth. Their survival is linked to the survival of the individuals.  Hence, there is a greater need to make people aware of the fundamental principles of life on this planet.

Wildlife Week in Bhubaneswar

The wildlife wing of the forest department organized a wildlife week from 3 to 6 October 2013 in the city of Bhubaneswar (Orissa). There were plenty of activities that were carried out throughout the four days to celebrate the life in the wild, like felicitations, competitions, cycle rally and animal film shows.

The screening of the films was organized in the Regional Museum of Natural History and the films or documentaries were shown free of cost. The documentaries were about the Gahirmatha turtle sanctuary, Similipal tiger sanctuary, Chilika and Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary and Bhitarkanika national park. These films are certainly an interesting way of creating awareness about the wild creatures and their habitats.

Some Renowned wildlife Films and Filmmakers from across the world

There are many wildlife documentaries, which are renowned world over, like the Sweetgrass, Serengeti Shall Not Die, The Cove, and March of the Penguins, Grizzly Man, The Last Lions and Winged Migration. Most of the wildlife documentary makers are passionate lovers of animals. They have devoted their entire lives towards the task of photographing or filming the animals to create awareness in the world about their lives in the forests, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Dereck and Beverly Joubert popular as one of the best filmmakers in the world are leaving no stone unturned to prevent animals through their wildlife documentaries and films.  For more than 25 years they have been researching and filming in Africa. Their zeal for the wildlife has led to the creation of numerous films, books and articles, all of which reflect their life’s ambition of wildlife conservation. They have also initiated the ‘Big Cats Initiative’, which presently looks after the conservation efforts of the big cats in 17 countries.

Some other revered names in the field are Heinz Sielmann, Hugo van Lawick, Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin. Thus, there are people who shun their comforts to make the common man aware of the beauty and simplicity of the wild animals.

There are many wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves in India, which strive to provide safe havens for the animals. However, the real solution will come when people from different parts of the world will join hands towards the wildlife conservation. Organizing such festivals is a good way to bring these untamed and fascinating beings into the consciousness of the people.

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