Scenic 17-Mile Drive

17-Mile Drive is one of the most scenic routes in the world, and it’s an absolute must when visiting Northern California. Our half-day trip led us through a stunning setting of natural beauty of cypress-filled forest and along the rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean.


After paying the $10 entrance fee, follow the red line through the majestic Del Monte Forest.

Shepherd’s Knoll

Shepherd’s KnollThis point provides the best views of the San Gabilan Mountains and the beautiful Monterey Bay area. Despite the tall evergreens, we managed to see the Pacific after all.

Huckleberry Hill

huckbhillsNoted for its local huckleberry bushes, this is one of the highest elevation points in the Del Monte Forest.

Poppy Hills Golf Course

Poppy Hills, RTJII, Bruce CharltonThis is the newest golf course in Pebble Beach, and it’s also home to the Northern California Golf Association after undergoing an extensive, 13-month renovation.

The Inn & Links at Spanish Bay

The Inn at Spanish BayThis renowned resort, with its Scottish-style links course, is famous for the bagpiper that closes the course every evening. The inn is a perfect getaway on Northern California’s beautiful coastline.

Spanish Bay

IMG_0472In 1769, Spanish explorer Don Gaspar de Portolá and his crew camped at this point while on their search for Monterey Bay. This is also a great place to have a picnic and appreciate the seascape.

The Restless Sea

restless SeaThe confluence of two currents over the craggy, underwater terrain gives rise to the turbulent waters off Point Joe and its namesake as the Restless Sea.

Point Joe

point joeMany mistakenly believed that this point of Spanish Bay was the entrance to Monterey Bay, which is actually farther north. The errors in their navigation also led to the sinking of their ships off the rocky coastline.

China Rock 

china rockThis landmark honors the Chinese immigrants who settled here and in other fishing villages along the coast during late 1800s and early 1900s.

Bird Rock Hunt Course

IMG_0697Now used by the Monterey Peninsula Country Club as the shore course, the 11th Calvary trained here to hone their riding and saber skills up to the time of WWII.

Bird Rock

bird rock hunt courseIt’s the home to numerous seabirds, sea lions and harbor seals, each vying for a coveted spot on the rugged outcrop. During spring and summer, Brandt’s cormorants, pelicans and gulls cover the rock as they prepare to nest.

Seal Rock Picnic Area

seal rock picnic areaIt’s an ideal spot for lunch or a toast at sunset at the ocean’s edge.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course

spyglass hill golf courseDesigned by Robert T. Jones, Sr., this is one of the world’s most challenging, 18-hole golf courses. They say that Robert Louis Stevenson used to amble through the Spyglass area, collecting ideas for his famed classic Treasure Island. Hole names on the greens, such as “Billy Bones” and “Black Dog,” reflect the characters in his novel.

Fanshell Overlook

fanshell overlookHarbor seals gather here annually to give birth to their pups from April to June, at which time the area is closed to visitors.

Cypress Point Lookout

cypress point lookoutThis overlook awards visitors with dramatic views of the Pacific coastline, with the Del Monte Forest in the distance.

Crocker Grove

IMG_0606Named after the founder of 17-mile Drive, Charles Crocker, the grove is home to several species of native pines and Monterey cypress. Crocker was a railroad tycoon in the 19th century and founded the Central Pacific Railroad.

The Lone Cypress

IMG_0619This is one of California’s most beloved and enduring landmarks, and it has withstood Mother Nature’s forces for more than 250 years from its rocky perch. An average Monterey cypress can grow between 40 and 90 feet high and live up to 300 years.

The Ghost Tree

ghost treesThanks to the elements of Monterey Bay, these trees are famous for their gnarled, bleached trunks and ghostly appearance.

Pescadero Point

pescadero pointThis is a great location to see Stillwater Cove and the Carmel Bay area.

The Lodge at Pebble Beach

 lodgeBuilt in 1919, the Lodge is at the 18th green of the world-famous Pebble Beach Golf Links. The shops have all the accessories avid golfers need for tee time.

Peter Hey Par 3 Course and 100th U.S. Open Monument 

peterhey par 3Named after native golf pro Peter Hey, this part of the course also boasts a 30,000-pound bronze sculpture titled Momentum, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Open Championship in 2000.

Pebble Beach Equestrian Center


Guide tours-(credit

Guided tours of 50 to 75 minutes take visitors through the Del Monte Forest or along the beach of the Pacific Ocean—it’s an unforgettable experience.

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