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by Vickie Day,
If you thought that going away either with your children or on your own, meant that you could not have an adventure holiday, then think again. There are many destinations and organized tours catering for both families and lone travellers meaning there is a huge variety of options available.

The type of holiday you want:
If you are holidaying as a family then the age of your children will largely dictate the sort of adventure holiday you are able to go on. An organized tour is the ideal way to take the family on an adventure holiday as you will be part of a group with other families. Likewise if you are planning to holiday on your own, then joining an organized tour is definitely a good idea as it will allow you to meet other like-minded individuals so you will never feel like you are holidaying alone.

Whether you are a family or an individual, the benefits of joining an organized tour are exactly the same. The advantages of this sort of holiday cannot be overstated. Having someone else to take care of your accommodation, transport and to organize activities and excursions for you will alleviate the sort of stress there would be if you were organizing such a holiday yourself and will enable you to enjoy more of your trip.

Where to go and what to do:
There is a huge range of destinations and activities available for family holidays abroad and solo holidays which include an element of adventure. Activities that you could participate in could include cycling, sailing, winter sports or even just trekking through some beautiful and amazing landscapes. All of these would be suitable for those travelling with or without children. Possible locations for these activities could include North and Central America, Asia, Africa or even the North Pole!

Things to consider:
Family holidays abroad naturally mean that as well as deciding where you want to go and what sort of activities you want to do, there are other practical considerations. You need to think about when you will travel as you are likely to be restricted to school holidays. During which school holiday you are going to take your trip may affect which destination you choose, as weather and distance at that time of year will also be a factor.

If you are planning a solo holiday then while not quite the same, the considerations will be similar. The type of weather at the time you want to travel and the distance to your chosen destination will both be important as you may have a weather preference and you may not want to travel a long distance alone. The fact that you are a lone traveller will also affect your choice of destination, even if you are joining an organized tour, especially if you plan to take some extra time at the end of your trip to do some travelling by yourself.

Whether you are holidaying as a family or you are travelling alone, many of the considerations are the same, as are the possible destinations and activities. Both types of holiday also have one other thing in common. Joining a tour for your holiday removes much of the stress and strain usually associated with organizing a holiday giving you the chance to really enjoy it!

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