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Barbados is an island paradise and despite its many visitors it is still a dream holiday destination. The stunning coastline and relaxed island feel are very much part of the island’s distinct allure. This is the most developed island in the Caribbean and has an excellent infrastructure and exceptional tourist accommodation. Cobbler’s Cove is one of the boutique resorts and one that showcases the best of what Barbados has to offer.

With wonderful facilities matched with outstanding customer service your stay here will be one to remember. All of the island resorts are proud of their large suites, en suite facilities and private outdoor seating areas. Cobbler’s Cove, like the others, prides itself on giving the customer the ideal combination for a relaxed and luxurious island holiday.

An Introduction to Barbados

Visitors come to this island for the beaches, and while they are indisputably exquisite, there is much more to this little piece of the Caribbean. The fertile lands produce lush and prosperous vegetation and are put to good use by the islanders. In the past, however, the growing potential was taken advantage of by the colonial occupiers that made their mark on the island with the over production of crops and the frivolous establishment of botanical gardens. Visit one of the informative museums that tell a tale or two of the turbulent history the islanders have endured over the years while fighting for their independence.

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown, aptly name after the bridge built by the Amerindian settlers. The island’s ideal location on the trade routes made it a strategic port for commercial trading and a popular stop over place for ships travelling from Africa.

The history of the island’s struggles is very evident on the western side of the island where the fortifications built by the warring colonial powers still remain. The largest British garrison was constructed on the island in the eighteenth century and was built to include a parade ground as well as soldiers’ barracks.

Explore The Delicious Cuisine of Barbados

Being at the mercy of many an occupying nation the cuisine of Barbados is varied and complex. The slaves brought to the island from Africa had a huge influence on the culinary traditions and brought many African inspired dishes to the tables here. Rice, fish and guava are big staples, even today on the Barbadian menu. Inevitably the British influence was strong and still plays a large part in the cuisine here. The British introduced sugar which is today as popular in dishes as molasses, potatoes and even corn.

Many of the island’s boutique resorts such as Cobbler’s Cove, have their own restaurants and top class chefs who produce many of the islands favourite dishes. Vegetables are always a main stay on the menu and are beautifully done, cooked lightly in butter and seasoned with lime juice. The Caribbean spices, such as marjoram, garlic, black pepper and paprika add the evocative Caribbean feel to most meals while tuna, snapper and barracuda are the most popular of the fish choices always available on the menu.

For an exceptional holiday from start to finish choose one of the many excellent boutique hotels, such as Cobbler’s Cove. Go home with some fabulous memories and a feeling that you have had a truly relaxing Barbadian experience.

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