Exploring the Night Life in Linz, Austria

Linz Before the  Sun Goes Down Credit: Suzanne Swartz

Linz Before the
Sun Goes Down Credit: Suzanne Swartz

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars Worth Checking Out in the City

Linz, Austria, may not rival Berlin’s or Prague’s night life, but there is still plenty to offer for those looking for a cafe, bar, or place to go dancing.

In Linz’s city center, consisting mostly of the main shopping street, Landstrasse, and the main town square, the Hauptplatz, there are several options for those looking for something to do during the evening. There is no shortage of cafes, bars, and restaurants in this Upper Austrian city of 150,000.

Bars and Cafes for Both Day and Evening Cup ‘n’ Cino: This cafe chain has a franchise just off of the Hauptplatz. The cafe/bar has a very chill, relaxed atmosphere, and seating is available at the bar, at small tables, or on sofas and chairs for anyone who arrives at the right time to snag one. Cup ‘n’ Cino is also a great place to go for an afternoon cup of coffee.

Chelsea: One of the Irish pubs in Linz, this is the place to go if looking for a couple of beers and whatever soccer (football) or rugby game is on. Chelsea is located right near the big green church (Alter Dom) just off of the Hauptplatz. The nearest S-Bahn stop is Taubenmarkt, which is, coming from the Hauptbahnhof, the stop right before the Hauptplatz.

Fancier Nighttime Locales to Visit in Linz

Sassy: Located in the “Passage” (more or less a mall) on Landstrasse, Sassy offers a mostly sit-down, dimly lit atmosphere, with music usually blaring in the background. Seating is available both within the bar and just outside of it along the Passage. Happy hour drinks are typically half price.

Remembar: This club is ever-so-slightly dressy; to be on the safe side, visitors should avoid sneakers. Nice jeans are usually fine. Remembar takes up two floors, with the ground floor serving mostly as a dance area. There are also plenty of places to sit. The one downside is that drinks are slightly expensive.

Casual Atmospohere with Something for Everyone

Bugs: Located in the Hauptplatz, across from the S-Bahn stop heading away from the old city center, this place has everything from pool tables to booths to a dance floor. There’s even a small stage area for those brave enough to pick up a microphone.

All of these locations are within walking distance of each other, so it is possible to stop by more than one place in a single evening . And by no means is this a complete list of Linz’s cafes and bars. The best way to learn about a city’s night life is to experience it. Linz has a lot to offer, and a short list certainly does not do it justice!

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