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For many, Africa is a jungle where the sounds of the drums send the message and the roar of the lion adds to the eerie danger. The adventure lures, but there is always a nagging in the back of the mind that Africa is dangerous and not only because of the lions.African Lion

Africa has a long history of colonization, brutal tribal wars and racial tension which, in many countries, is not yet history. If it is not the Zimbabwean government cheating with the elections while killing those who oppose them left right and center, it is farm murders and rioting locals in South Africa.

masaiThe media hype around these issues quickly escalates into fear and those who watch these happenings on news broadcasts all over the world instantly believe entire countries are affected and dangerous. The reality is that while there are riots in South Africa, more than ninety percent of the country is not disturbed by this and while Robert Mugabe is in a deadly fight with his opposition party, tourists are enjoying the magic of the Victoria Waterfalls without any incident.

All that said there are areas and countries which are dangerous and tourists should always do their homework before traveling to Africa. Some people prefer to make use of a package tour for at least their first travel. This gives them the peace of mind that they don’t have to drive on unknown roads or end up in strange and dangerous areas which might happen if they travel alone.

The scenic beauty and wildlife are Africa’s most popular attractions and sights you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. The Victoria Waterfall, in the Zambezi River, between Zimbabwe and Zambia is classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most awesome sights.

Victoria fallsThe East Coast of Africa which includes places such as Durban in South Africa, Zanzibar Island, of the coast of Tanzania, and the coastal areas in Mozambique has the best beaches for swimming and surfers flock to Durban to take on the magnificent waves.

Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most visited African cities. The colonial history is still very evident in the large Cape-Dutch buildings and the Castle of Good Hope which has protected the shores of the Cape since the 1600s.

Cape townApart from the history Cape Town has the best scenic routes in the country. Spectacular routes between the mother city and smaller villages nestle between the ocean and the majestic mountains. When the sun sets over the ocean the feeling of peace and tranquility cannot be surpassed by any other experience.

Cape Town is very modern city with the most luxurious hotels on the continent, but it also caters for the alternative traveler with unique boutique hotels of very distinctive character as well as vibrant hostel accommodation.

Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain Cape Town

Another African country that is virtually unknown to many travelers is Namibia. This magnificent area is home to one of the harshest, but at the same time picturesque deserts in the world. The ever-changing dunes change from yellow to red while the sun sets to darken the picture into a ghostlike setting with haunting memories.

NamibiaWhile safari type holidays will always be one of the biggest attractions of Africa, tourist should remember that there is far more to this presumed desolate continent than the roar of a lion or the lingering sounds of the tribal drums.

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