Exciting Activities to Do in the Australian Outback

Tasmania Australia

Tasmania Australia

by Alicia Howard,

Whether you’re a nature lover or an extreme sports enthusiast, there is no doubt that the Aussie Outback is one of the top tourist destinations on Earth. Of course, since it’s so vast, there is plenty to see and do while there. To help you with planning your itinerary for this epic adventure, make sure to include the following activities. While this is only a taste of what you’ll experience, it’ll at least get you started on the road to enjoying your next Australian outback holiday in the best way possible.


Since the distances are so immense here, you’ll find yourself in the car for lengthy stretches of time. Thus, the driving becomes an activity in itself, forming both a challenge and a way to experience the natural beauty found in some of the country’s more isolated spots. Once you fly into one of Australia’s airports, you’ll then be in the car most of the time as you zigzag across the country. This is not to say that the time will be boring. On the contrary, having your own transport means that you can come face-to-face with some absolutely spectacular landscapes and abundant wildlife.


Once you get out of the car, you’ll then find yourself setting off on foot to one of Australia’s countless numbers of natural attractions. From canyons to meteorite craters, there are plenty of destinations for you to experience. Just remember to bring along enough water as the interior climate can be quite harsh. You should also be aware of where you’re going, bringing a paper map. You phone’s GPS tracker won’t work in these remote locations as there aren’t any broadcasting towers there. With a little preparation though, you can find yourself walking through some absolutely amazing settings in the outback.


Even though the initial image of the outback is a harsh, arid environment, there are still plenty of spots to cool down. In fact, the region also extends to the coast where you’ll find plenty of pristine beaches. As most travel destination guides will tell you, there are a few dangers to watch out for here. From crocodiles to box jellyfish, the Australia outback is home to plenty of critters. Check first whether that particular watering hole or beach is safe to swim before taking a dip. With the right guidebook, you should be able to make a smarter decision while travelling. Australia is full of spots in which you can safely cool down during your trip.

Horse & Camel Riding
Camel Riding

Camel Riding

In some special locations, you can also hop onto a trained horse or camel and enjoy the outback scenery in this way. Of course, the horses will be in the hospitable regions while the camels will be found in the more arid zones. Regardless of the animal you choose, this can be an enjoyable way to experience these more isolated destinations in safety and comfort. You’ll need to book a tour group for this, meaning that you’ll be travelling together with a guide and other individuals. This will give you the ability to relax while your animal leads you to wherever you’re heading for.

Rock Climbing

Lastly, the Australian Outback is peppered with excellent climbing spots whether you’re interested in abseiling, bouldering or something else. The natural ruggedness of the landscapes here has created the perfect climber’s paradise, offering ascents for all skill levels. There is also the option of going independently or with a tour group, allowing you to partake in this extreme sport in the manner that you prefer. Let the Aussie outback take you to your limits and back with its range of climbing destinations.

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Camel Riding = Photo Credit: agfg.com.au, Tasmania Australia = Photo Credit: webecoist.momtastic.com

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