Everything Indian Nationals Need to Know About the Sri Lankan Tourist Visa

Located just off of the coast of Ramanathapuram is Sri Lanka, a beautiful island country easily reachable from India and teeming with idyllic forests, beaches and cities. For a quick and easy holiday then, Sri Lanka is perfect for Indian nationals and is also a great source of business and culture for those living in the largest country in South Asia. 

It’s no surprise then that it’s incredibly easy for those living in India to visit Sri Lanka for extended stays using a tourist visa – or more commonly known as an Electronic Travel Authorization. The application process, however, might take some getting used to and has a few intricacies that first-time ETA applicants may not be used to. This blog will outline everything you need to know about the Sri Lankan ETA for Indian nationals, and how it could benefit you and your trip. 

What Is an ETA?

It’s worth noting that an ETA is not the same as the online Indian visa application, in fact, Indian residents do not need a visa to enter Sri Lanka, simply the electronic Travel Authorization. These can be completed online and take very little time to fill in. Once you have been emailed your Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization you may enter Sri Lanka once it has been sent to your email address.

Terms Of Stay

Of course, all trips are finite, and that’s why there are some terms to your stay in Sri Lanka. Using the ETA, you are granted 30 days in total stay in Sri Lanka. It’s worth pointing that you can use all of these thirty days and leave and reenter the country once. This means that using the Sri Lanka Tourist Visa ETA, you have double entry into the country. Also, worth noting is that once your ETA has been approved, you can enter at any point for 180 days after the issue.

What Do I Need for My Application?

The requirements for your ETA are simple enough and all valid citizens of India should own the necessary materials. First off, you’ll need a passport scan to send into Fast Track Visa, who will process your application for you. Secondly, you’ll need an email address so as to receive the application once it has been processed. You’ll also need a means of payment, which come in at 40 USD for standard processing (5 days), 70 USD for rush processing (within 3 days) and USD 85 for super rush processing (2 days).

How To Apply for the ETA?

Applying for the ETA is easy, simply fill out the form on the Fast Track Visa Services website, which will ask you some general information. After this, you will be asked to review your application and pay as per the processing speed you choose. The third step is to fill out a questionnaire form on the website. Keep in mind that you may be asked for extra details, but this will be on a case-by-case basis. 

Who Won’t Have to Apply for The Sri Lanka Visa?

Oceanview, Galle fort

Those who are remaining in transit or merely passing through Sri Lanka to travel elsewhere will not need to apply for the Sri Lanka Indian ETA. Visitors under the age of 12 will also not need to apply for the ETA either. 

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