Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA

Overlooking Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Overlooking Eureka Springs, Arkansas

My husband and I decided we wanted to do something special for our 15th wedding anniversary. We thought and thought and finally came up with a good idea: go somewhere we had never been before. Well, you must understand that my husband was an over the road truck driver for several years and I went with him on many occasions. Finding a place we had never seen before was more challenging than it sounds. We had recently moved to the great state of Missouri and I had become convinced that there was no prettier place on the planet than where we now lived. I was mistaken.

My husband, the sweetheart that he is, had already planned where he wanted to take me to celebrate our anniversary: Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He had passed through there while he was driving truck and thought I might like it. So we made our reservations and started planning for the trip. You know how it is, you book your accommodations at least a month in advance to make sure you get the room and  price you like. So we had over a month to prepare for our well deserved vacation/2nd honeymoon.

When the day finally came to hit the road, we were in great spirits and it was a gorgeous day in May. The drive only took a little over an hour, but ran through some of the prettiest countryside I have ever seen in my life! When we got to Eureka Springs, we figured out it was similar to Manitou Springs, Colorado. Manitou Springs is where we got married and took our original honeymoon. Manitou Springs is at the foot of Pikes Peak mountain and absolutely beautiful. Eureka Springs is in the Ozarks and is breathtaking!

What we did not expect is just how beautiful Eureka Springs and the surrounding area really is. We went to see Pivot Rock, climbed a viewing tower and ate at some of the quaintest restaurants. All of the people were so friendly and helpful. We even visited a haunted hotel. There is just a certain air to the town that makes you feel welcome no matter where you are. The feeling of “home” just resonates through the trees, grass and in the smiles of the residents.

The peaceful feeling we got while we were in Eureka Springs was just the kind of vacation we were looking for. But, if peace and quiet is not what you are looking for, Eureka Springs might still be your spot! They offer entertainment in all varieties in the “Historical District”. Here you will find bars, gift shops, restaurants and even a haunted hotel tour (after dark, of course). You can ride a trolley around town and take in the guided tour or even go on boat rides. The lodging available ranges from treehouse cabins to Best Western rooms to cabins on the lake. There is literally something for everyone in this beautiful gem in the Ozarks!

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