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Are you an ‘everything in its place’ kind of person, or do you wing it, and fly by the seat of your pants?

I suppose both have their pros and cons, but I am firmly in the making lists, organized camp, and I see no reason to change!

When it comes to holidays, it pays to be organized and to have all details taken care of as soon as possible, so you can look forward to your upcoming jollies in a relaxed manner, instead of getting stressed out. Stress is no good for health!

One part of holiday planning that I always get a bit panicky about is getting to the airport on time, and knowing I’m where I need to be, with time to spare, in case of any problems or detours. I’ve found the best way to combat this is to be there the night before, meaning my holiday starts earlier, and I get to chill out! I’m not suggesting you sleep on the airport chairs, which would not be a good start to a holiday! No, I’m talking airport hotels.

Prior to my flight I stayed in a hotel to ensure I wouldn’t be late to the gate the next morning. Holiday Extras offer great rates on Newcastle Airport hotels so check them out. I found the whole experience so laid-back and relaxing, that I would certainly consider doing the same thing again. Wherever you fly from, you’ll find hotels to suit your needs and budget, and this is one extra that certainly does not need to break the bank.

Travel bag

Travel bag

Cutting stress further, I always make sure I check out real-time information close to my flight, such as weather, any delays, information on my airport, and which terminal number I’m due to depart from. It’s worthwhile checking this, so you’re not sprung with surprises on the day. Again, my last holiday was made easier by checking out Newcastle Airport departures the morning before I was due to fly, and I also found out some handy information on places to eat, making the airport experience as a whole, a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Being organized in life is never a bad thing, although there is a line, so don’t become a list-writing obsessive! Just making sure all your arrangements are in order, and that you have paper copies of everything you need is sufficient, and in that case, your holiday should go without a hitch, and in the enjoyable manner any holiday should.

Starting the whole thing earlier, by staying in a hotel the night before, also adds an earlier start, which is never a bad thing, and a little bit of luxury before your flight. If you’re heading off long-haul, or travelling with children, this is a godsend idea, making sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep before the excitement of travel day.

The downside of being organized?

I can’t think of any!

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