Essential features of ‘world class’ hotels

    burj al arab, 7 star hotel, cr-worldvisit.blogspot

burj al arab, 7 star hotel, cr-worldvisit.blogspot

by Stephen Mattson,

Many different factors, attributes, and characteristics determine whether a hotel is considered ‘world class’. Although there is no official guide or set of rules that classify or categorize these unique hotels, they create a reputation for being the very best. Here are some essentials for being a ‘world class’ hotel:

* A Five-Star Rating

All hotels are judged on a rating scale, and though they use varying systems that consist of different techniques, qualifications, standards, and expectations, they all try to accurately judge the quality of a hotel. ‘World class’ hotels attain the highest scores and exceed all expectations. The reviews are glowing and without fault. Their consistency of excellence and superior service is what makes them famous, so if there’s even a hint of disappointment from any official reviewer, chances are they are not a top hotel.

* Amenities

The finest hotels have premium amenities such as spas, pools, restaurants, salons, entertainment, concierge services, and other perks – all consisting of supreme quality, each maintaining (and going beyond) the five-star standard of excellence. These items are the “best-of-the-best”, with award-winning chefs, highly-trained salon staff, intricate and expensive décor (everything must be perfect) – reaching a state of almost absurd extravagance.

Most people will never step foot in one of these hotels, and there is a significant upgrade to ‘world class’ from a mere five-star status. ‘Five-star’ is just the beginning. At these ritzy hotels, staff members are selected not just on previous experience, but on actual outward appearance. A certain amount of natural beauty is required. It seems ridiculous, but many of the top hotels function like this.

* Staff

These hotels don’t just have staff that are beautiful, friendly, courteous, perfectly manicured, and exceptionally friendly, but they are also required to memorize all of the incoming guests names and bio information. They are given pictures, information, and preliminary expectations before the guests even arrive. Many of the clients are famous, or are simply wealthy people who have millions (even billions) of dollars, thus, the concierge service makes sure that all their needs are carefully tended to. Hotels are expected by their guests to be able to accomplish anything that is asked for within a short amount of time. This may mean finding out what their favorite meals are beforehand, or hiring a dog-sitter to watch the pet. Or it may entail renting a yacht, helicopter, or private jet – by tomorrow morning! Everything is taken care of, and this is one of the many things that separate the ‘world class’ hotels from other luxury hotels – they simply go above and beyond.

* Clientele

A ‘world class’ hotel proves itself by the clients it serves. If the richest and most important people in the world don’t frequent the establishment, then it is not ‘world class’. These places are getaways for VIPs and the rich and famous, a place where ‘normal’ people cannot afford to visit – even for a quick dinner.

* Location

No matter how nice a hotel is, if it’s located in the middle of Nebraska, it’s probably not ‘world class’. Elite hotels are located in the most amazing places, surrounded by picturesque mountains, aqua-green oceans, remote beaches, and in locations where real-estate values end with too many zeros to count. They’re exotic, scenic, pristine, and breath-taking – often secluded or gated away from the general public.

Overall, the term “world class” gets used too loosely in today’s society. In reality, there are only a handful of these hotels, and they are experienced by only a few fortunate individuals.

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