Entertaining the Kids in the Holidays with Wii Games



The long summer holidays are almost upon us. Six long weeks which, unless you have a plan, can seem to stretch out into infinity.

If the weather is good then this can help. The park, picnics or even playing in the garden can keep them amused for hours. But this is the UK. Recent reports in the news have suggested that we brace ourselves for cool and soggy summers for at least the next decade. Parents in the UK are therefore in need of a plan. How can they keep the kids entertained and happy for six whole weeks?

Everyone’s holidays are a little different and working parents will have less time to fill, with kids spending time with family or in holiday clubs. It may be that you are planning a couple of weeks’ holiday so that will also take up some time. If entertaining the kids really is an issue for you, approach the problem strategically and work out in advance what you plan on doing with them every day. Get their input as to what they would like to do too and keep an eye on the forecast and plan days out when the weather is kinder.

Good for Rainy Days

For rainy days, the Nintendo Wii is ideal. There are lots of great games available that will keep kids and adults amused for hours at a time. There are games they can play as single players as well as games for multiple players so they can all play together. If they get bored of a game you can easily sell old Wii games in order to raise money for something new.

The market for second-hand Wii games is huge and it’s a great way to get new games as well as sell the games you no longer need. There are a number of online companies as well as high-street providers which purchase well-looked-after Wii games as well as selling them at reduced prices.

Good for Exercise

It may also be the case that the children enjoy the games so much that they will want to play them on days when you would rather have them outside. This can be a tricky one as you don’t want them to become bored of the game when the next rainy day comes around. You may find therefore that you will want to limit the amount of time they spend on the game. Fresh air and physical exercise are, of course, very important. However, many of the Wii games actively encourage exercise. These include the Wii Fit games and also the dance games. They can also exercise the brain.

Having a good selection of games is important and the fact that you can buy and sell games can help keep the cost of this to a minimum. Many games will be suitable for both boys and girls, but obviously some will appeal more to one sex than the other. If necessary, let them take turns to choose.

Holidays are about fun, so plan yours in advance and all will run smoothly for everyone.

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