Embarking on the Araby Trail Hike

The Araby Trail stand out one of the most renowned hikes in Palm Springs, California known for its unique blend of natural beauty from the Santa Rosa Mountains and the captivating views. Our journey on the trail marked the beginning of the hiking season for us. We chose this trail for our inaugural adventure, as the weather promised to be relatively cooler than usual. As a family we made the bold decision to tackle this hike, setting out at around 10 in the morning with the temperature hovering at a toasty 88 degrees.

The Araby trail

Upon our arrival, we noticed a few other hiking enthusiasts, some couples, eagerly waiting to hit the trail. Some had already started ahead of us, while a few opted to linger behind. We decided to maintain a steady pace, mainly because this was our first hike of the season, and we wanted to conserve our energy and not succumb to the sweltering heat.

Bob Hope’s House

As we ventured deeper into the mountainous terrain, the temperature seemed to rise incrementally. However, we were well-prepared with an ample water supply and enough energy to see the hike through. After trekking about a mile, nearing the legendary Bob Hope’s house, we encountered other hikers who had been waiting for us. They appeared quite fatigued, some catching their breath while others guzzled water as if they had been stranded in a desert for days. One hiker complimented my daughter on her mountain-conquering pace. She’s just 10 years old, brimming with boundless energy, and pays no heed to the scorching sun or steep inclines. When she sets her mind to something, she goes full throttle. We inquired if they intended to continue to the top, which was an additional 3/4 mile. One couple nodded in agreement while the other simply smiled in response.

Overlooking the city

Undeterred, we stuck to our steady pace, steadily ascending the trail. Oddly, we didn’t encounter any other hikers heading up to complete the trail. We did spot a lone couple descending the path, likely on their way back to their car.

Our legs were beginning to feel the strain, a combination of the relentless heat and the fact that we hadn’t hiked in over four months. Nevertheless, we soldiered on, step by step, until we reached the pinnacle of the Araby Trail. Exhausted yet elated, we took in the breathtaking view. A gentle breeze provided much-needed relief, cooling our overheated bodies and evaporating our sweat. I was absolutely drenched. We snapped a few pictures, sipped water, and savored some grapes.

Just made it

The ascent had taken us a total of 70 minutes, and we lingered at the summit for another 20 minutes before starting our descent. Going back was notably quicker, mainly downhill. Despite recent rain and flooding caused by Hurricane Hilary, the trail remained well-maintained. There were traces of dried mud along the path, remnants of the rain that had briefly covered our route. Fortunately, it posed no issue for us as we made our way back down at a record pace.

at the top of the trail

In total, the hike took us about 2 hours to cover 3.5 miles, and we went through two bottles of water for our group of four. As we reached the end, a sense of relief washed over us. We had successfully conquered our first hike of the season, despite the searing heat. And, to our delight, the kids hadn’t uttered a single complaint throughout the entire journey. In celebration of our accomplishment, we decided to treat them to a special treat.

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