Embark- A Great Cause for Needy Dogs

Embark mascot

Embark mascot

As everyone knows each country has its own animal problem and most are trying to find reasonable solutions to resolve them. And one small country has an incredible group working hard at making a dent in their street dog problem. This small country called “Sri Lanka” the Perle of the Indian ocean, located off the coast of southern India, a land that is home to nearly 20 million people and 3 million street dogs, a humbling number to say the least.

One person stood up and decided to make a difference, Her name is Otara Gunawardene, a business women and a model who owns her own international clothing line ODEL, Created EMBARK, which was launched in 2007 with the sole mission of reducing animal cruelty and focusing on improving the well-being of animals throughout the country. The impact this one organization has made on the street dog problem is truly astounding through their many programs they are making a difference to thousands of street dogs throughout Sri Lanka.

As you can read below, here  are some of the actions this organization is promoting to control and manage the issue.

  • Free Mass Sterilization, Individual Sterilization and vaccination requests – to tackle stray dog overpopulation and help reduce the spread of rabies which is one of the leading causes of death of animals and inhabitants.
  • Puppy
    Re-homing- This is to help finding great caring homes for the abandoned or stray puppies.
  • Saving the injured- Helping accident victims and treating critically ill street dogs and other animals.
  • The most importantly is the Education and Awareness- On responsible animal ownership, rabies education, dog bite prevention and animal welfare issues.

How does Embark fund their programs?

Embark’s work is primarily funded by sales generated by Embark merchandise, with a small potion of funds coming from donations.

Embark as a brand has released a wide range of clothing, jewellery and accessories featuring endearing logos of beloved pooches , which was launched to engage shoppers in the cause. A percentage of gross profits frm the sale of Embark goes towards the funding of all their treatments, vaccinations, sterilizations, education and awareness raising activities.

To learn more about Embark including incredible stories, including pictures and videos of many of the dogs they have rescued, please go to their website http://embark.lk/. While you are there you can purchase a few really cool shirts that help fund this great cause. don’t forget to like them on Facebook. Here is the link: Embark

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