Discovering Serifos, Greece

Serifos Greece

Serifos Greece

Beautiful Island in the Cyclades

For travelers to Greece looking for quiet and relaxation, a day on the picturesque Aegean island of Serifos is the way to go.

Located just a couple of hours from the mainland, Serifos, considered a part of the Cyclades islands, is actually fairly remote. Take a boat from the port of Piraeus in Athens (ferries run regularly and timetables are available—and reliable). The trip lasts about two and a half hours, but is worth the wait.

Arriving at the Port of Serifos

Sapphire-blue water surrounds the rocky island, and the port area may appear somewhat remote upon arrival. To the right of the harbor stands a massive hill dotted with gleaming white buildings. One of the island’s distinctive features, a blue-domed church, sits near the top of this hill.

Up the Hill

For a workout, head up the hill to the village of Hora. The steady incline consists of stairs and dirt slopes, but has plenty of stone walls along the way to stop and rest. Walkers may even encounter the occasional donkey on the trek, but bumming a ride off of one is not recommended. Upon reaching the top, tired tourists are afforded a spectacular view over the island and into the harbor.

Serifos Beaches
Serifos Port

Serifos Port

After checking out the view, a swim in the cool, inky blue sea is most definitely in order. Near the
port are somewhat rocky beaches, but sandier areas are scattered around the island’s coastline. One of the most fantastic features of beaches on Serifos, particularly the rockier ones, is the lack of tourists. Guests can rent lounge chairs with umbrellas or spread their towels out in the sand.

Shops and Restaurants

Near the port are a selection of cafes, restaurants, and stores. Though Serifos is not as tourist-centric as some of the other Greek islands, most of these places are geared toward visitors and as such, some prices may be a bit steep. In shops, it is possible to haggle with the salesperson to get a better deal. Restaurants are usually not very busy mid-afternoon, which is a great time to grab post-climb or post-beach snacks and refreshments, and even chat with restaurant owners.

When figuring out where to go island-hopping, Serifos should be on the list for anyone looking for a scenic, quiet place to laze on the beach, take in spectacular views, and maybe even get to know some locals while shopping, sipping a cool drink in a café, or hiking up the massive hill. Serifos is perfect for a day trip or for an overnight stop if planning on traveling to islands further from Athens.
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