Discover Dubai With All Its Styles And Rich Traditions

Cruising Lady

Cruising Lady

A shocking Arabian culture will greet you at the doorstep soon after your arrival. Dubai is famous for its unbelievable art work and sophisticated look that keep its tourists busy to see this city. It has much to offer its guests throughout the season. So you can get in to discover its unique styles and rich traditions with complete satisfaction and relaxation.

To know more about this Arabian city the following text will help you. Might it will not sufficient in order to get detailed information but can give you some idea to plan a healthy Dubai trip.

Feel the Hospitality

Arab people are famous for their kindness and hospitality. Kindness performs a key part in Dubai lifestyle, especially to unknown people or newbie’s. Do not be amazed if you are welcomed to be part of some Emirati gathering for a meal and tea. You will be served traditional Arab food in a simple style along with the ideal floor setting. It is considered courteous to accept Dubai customs and its generosity with open heart and mind.

Dinner in Traditional Setting

Obviously you are looking for something extra ordinary. So in Dubai you can get much to make good memories. Your dinner over the luxury dhow cruise services in Dubai will give you a chance to spend some time with dark waters and deep cultures of this Arabian city. The traditional look of the city will tell you much about the rich culture of Dubai. Moreover the glowing views of the city life from the Creek will captivate you during the entire trip.

Different Styles of Dubai

This is not the city for Dubai citizens only but it is the place for multi ethnic and cultural variation people. Here you can find various styles, cultures and blend of flavors that are combined in Dubai itself. So now Dubai is not just depicting any single culture but its different colors made it more appealing and demanding. It is the city at the top of any vacationers list now.

Dubai Souks

The true and rich traditions of Arabia can be seen from Dubai souks. The enriched spices market at both sides provides you a rich variety of fragrant spices. You can roam around in the entire souk and choose product of your own desire. They are good in flavor while their fragrance is long lasting. The souk will remind you the old style traditional markets that you might observed in the old movies.

Try Ancient Arab Game in Waters

There are several fishing spots in Dubai that remain ever ready to welcome you on the water trip. You will certainly please to enjoy this water trip full of thrilling adventures and actions. This is an ancient sport of Arabs but now it is designed by using modern techniques and equipments. Dubai is an ideal place for fishing lovers due to its rich waters and plenty of seafood variety. So you can also try this old game with modern techniques.


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