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by Zara Jones,

Mountain biking is an overwhelming experience for adventure junkies and sports enthusiast. It gives the feeling of climbing high terrains by enjoying the bike ride to merge the adventure and fun at every level of high altitude mountains. Mountain biking in India is acknowledged for rendering an overwhelming and unique experience to its bikers by the serene environment amidst the rugged mountains and valleys. The Himalayan range of India rejuvenates the mountain bikers with the most beautiful landscapes of the country.

Mountain Biking in Ladakh

 Ladakh, situated in Jammu & Kashmir district performs the perfect location for the bikers to enjoy the high altitude rides India at world’s highest road passes amidst snow-capped mountains. Mountain biking in Ladakh Himalayas bewitches the expert bikers to take a challenge of unapproachable and toughest off-tracks routes in the midst of sky kissing mountains.  The exaggerating journey of biking in the magnificent location of India starts from Manali to Leh which is a 475 km route and one of the challenging and thrilling biking pass of the world. The total distance covered through the four high passes with an accumulated altitude exceeding 29,000 feet is as equal to the cycling route of the summit of Mt. Everest from sea level.

Though, Ladakh is a remote mountain beauty, it is filled with adventure junkies and spiritual people every season.  This place can also be called as the cultural heritage of the Tibetan culture and Buddhist religion. Only mountain bike safari tour can offer opportunity to the bikers to intermingle with real Ladakh and the localities of the place, visit the popular Buddhist Gompas and the ancient temples and villages. While crossing the high-passes of Ladakh, bikers will be going through the various one-lane tarmacs such as:-

Rohtang La- Situated at Leh Manali highway, having an altitude of 3979 meters.

Baralacha La- Elevated at the height of 4890 meters and connecting Lahuala to Ladakh.

Lachung La- The pass is elevated at the heights of 5059 meters and considered as the most smoothing mountain pass of Leh-Manali highway.

Tanglang La- Ladakh High Mountain passes with altitude of 5,328 meters and situated at Leh-Manali highway.

Khardung La- This high pass is considered to be the longest high pass in the world and its elevation is 5602 meters.

Ladakh is situated between the Zanskar Range and the Karakoram Range; hence both the ranges provide challenging biking opportunities to explore the agitations. Leh-Alchi and Leh-Hemis gives the real experience of mountain biking in the hair-pins turns of the Himalayan roads which test the efficiency and capability of bikers in every twist of the path. After crossing the 64 km distance of Leh-Alchi Pass, travelers can visit the oldest monastery of Ladakh, the Alchi Monastery and learn about the heritage of Buddhist. On the other side, Leh-Hemis pass fascinates the bikers to cover the 45 km route to reach the Hemis to view the awe-inspiring beauty of Gompas at Thiksey, Shey and Stok.

Mountain biking in Ladakh is one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing adventure activities. Bikers simply fall for the thrill embraced in the challenging high passes. However, before one heads toward this adventure activity certain points must be kept in mind. Some of the precautions to consider while planning adventure tours in India are mentioned below:-

  • Before moving down on the tough and zigzag roads of Ladakh valley, be proficient in technical knowhow of the biking.
  • Mountain biking in Ladakh, Himalayas needs prior knowledge and experience in biking to pave through the rugged ways of mountains.
  • Mountain bike safari tour India may take 10-15 days and for that one should carry essential luggage to campaign in between.
  • Follow the code of conduct and rules strictly for your own safety at the incredulous mountains and take care of the emotions and sentiments of the localities for their cultural heritage such as monasteries and temples.

To avoid anomalies in your adventurous trip to Ladakh, read and cautiously follow the instructions.

 Best Time to Visit

Mid June to the end of September is the only season when you will get snow-free roads to wander around the astonishing valley of Ladakh. Mountain bike safari tour India is an opportunity to explore the remote Himalayas region of Ladakh and get close with the fascinating culture of Tibet.


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