Cup of Cocoa


Cup of Cocoa

When my brother and I were little boys of 11 and six years of age back in the early 1940’s, we took a steamship from Portland, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts with my parents. We sailed out of Portland Harbor around 6 p.m. and we were all a little bit hungry. My grandmother had purchased the boat tickets for us all because my parents were a good bit poor and they were too proud to ask for anything more.
What a special treat to sail on a steamer with well-to-do people. But my brother and I were hungry. We both asked our dad if he could get us some food. He whispered something to my mother and came back from the cafeteria with what I thought were four empty coffee mugs. He finally said to us that this ship had magic fountains and that cocoa would come out of the bathroom faucets. He had apparently enough money for one cup of cocoa and split it four ways unbeknown to us.
Dad went to our bathroom faucet and said “whiska!” and poured hot water into each cup and handed each of us a hot cup of cocoa. What a marvelous ship to think of having such conveniences for their passengers to have hot cocoa faucets in overnight cabins!
My brother and I went to bed that night content with hot cocoa in our stomachs and both of us marvelling over the generosity of the steamship line.

Location:Portland, Maine steamer to Boston, Massachusetts

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