Cruise to Cuba: Your Cultural Awakening

Traveling abroad is an incredible experience. Not only does it allow you to explore lands that you have never seen, but it enables you to experience different cultures and expand your knowledge of how others live. If you love cruises, cruising to Cuba is a wonderful adventure that will allow you to immerse yourself in the heritage and history of the country.  You’ll be able to visit quiet villages, interact with local townspeople, stop at museums and parks, all the while enjoying the incredible sights and sounds onboard a luxury ship. CRUISE TO (3)

Where does the cruise sail to?

DEPARTURE (2)Departing from beautiful South Florida, you’ll travel to the colorful capital of Cuba—Havana. You’ll spend two days exploring the rich history of the city, including excursions to palaces, castles, historic monuments, markets, churches, colonial fortifications, and much more. On the fourth day, the ship will arrive at Maria La Gorda on the western end of the island. This is an archaeology lover’s paradise, because of its more than 140 archaeological sites. On the fifth day, you’ll arrive at what has been nicknamed “Pearl of the South”—Cienfuegos. This is a lovely coastal community that is known for its export goods, such as sugar, tobacco, and coffee.havana

The next stop is Trinidad, in south-central Cuba. This town has quintessential cobblestone streets, neoclassical buildings, and other gorgeous architecture to admire. There are guided tours of its historic past and a large museum that has vivid paintings and glass sculptures to appreciate. On the seventh day, you’ll stop in Santiago de Cuba, which is Cuba’s second largest city. It’s close to Caribbean isles and Jamaica, which has some wonderful cuisine to savor. On the last two days, you’ll experience the sights and sounds of Holguin and the national park, Parque de Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt.trinidad

What is the ship like?

DEPARTURE (3)Cruise Cuba on the luxurious Pearl Mist! This ship has a library, six lounges, multiple observation decks, as well as a sports and exercise deck, and much more. There are oversized staterooms and each one has spacious private balconies. Onboard, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, with exquisite cuisine offered at every meal. The ship is expansive and comfortable, and you’ll easily be able to walk around and enjoy the surroundings in between each port of call.

This Cuban voyage is a captivating cultural experience that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The itinerary includes departure dates in March and April of 2016. Contact a cruise agent you trust to book now!

About the Author: Cindy Anderson has been in the travel industry since 1985, and has always had an interest in steamboats and history. She was a corporate agent for 6 years, a leisure cruise agent for 10 years and has been a river cruise and small ship agent for 12 years. Cindy manages USA River Cruises, in Vancouver, WA, where she strives to make sure her clients have a wonderful, everlasting experience.

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