Cruise Dinner: A Perfect Place to Spend Your Evening While You Satisfy Your Taste Buds

I wish to say a lot about my Dubai trip but will succeed that is a trail. This was my first trip but definitely, it is not the last. I have read a lot about Dubai and have wondered what made it so special and why people are flocking to this place from every nook and corner of the world.

If you happen to reach Dubai International Airport in night between 10 pm to 6 am. You don’t have any other option then to hire a taxi to reach your destination. If you wish to save a couple of Dhs then cross the pedestrian bridge on foot, you will reach on main road, now you can take taxi and save Dhs. Although there are Metro and buses for transportation but not before 6 am.

Let me tell you that I was invited to Dubai by my friend, he is an electrical engineer and works as the top official in a multinational company. He lives in the most expensive part of city.

We did so many things together like

Shopping: Duty free status of Dubai attracts thousands of people from world over. This is a shopping hub. Everything is available there from the top designer clothes of reputed brands to local handicrafts and spices. They say you think of it, we have it.

Beaches: Turquoise color water with white sand will leave you spell bound. Frankly speaking I never had imagined that Dubai beaches could be so tantalizing. My friend also told me that Jumeirah and Mamzar beach are among the best beaches of the world.


Then he took me to the most beautiful place, I have not seen any other fountain like that. Yes you got it right; Dubai Fountain shoots water with music and surprisingly till the height of 500 feet.

Days are hot so night life in Dubai is busy and happening. It was on Friday night that we opted to move for Dinner Cruise Dubai.  It was a nice cruise; it was not big but was really beautiful. As we left the harbor another cruise passed by and they were shouting and singing songs. Fun and thrill was everywhere that could boost your adrenaline level. The whole atmosphere was romantic and Dubai was looking like the fairy tale city. Whispering of the breeze and turning of the sunset colors from yellow to pink then to orange. You will feel the lightning arrangement is specially designed for your situation. Everyone was ready to dance and drink. The crew served mouth watering delicacies and dessert was really awesome.

They served

  • AlHarees
  • Shawarma
  • Al Machboos
  • Hummus
  • Roasted Lamb
  • Roasted Chicken

Baklava and Affogato Gelato was served as dessert.

We remained on boat for more than two hours and dinner lasted for more than an hour. You can choose the cruise dinner with your beloved and see crew members acting as cupids, serving heavenly food to make the evening romantic and memorable.

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