Conspiracy of Secrecy in Palm Springs

Numerology. To Occult scholars, it’s a hidden significance in regards to numerical patterns, similar to Astronomy or Divination. Just what the patterns indicate depends on the numbers themselves. Some patterns are meant to harness positive energy, others are meant to harm or curse. Whatever the meaning, it’s clear that there is a meaning behind it.palm-springs

Secret Societies have been a part of America’s history since the time of the founding fathers. George Washington and James Monroe both belonged to the Order of the Freemasons and Benjamin Franklin had several associations, including Sir Francis Dashwood~Founder of the Hellfire Club.

It’s common knowledge that these clandestine societies employ the use of various magical practices in their disciplines and numerology, with its history dating back to the time of Pythagoras, is used almost for its symbolism alone.

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In the ‘Village’ of Palm Springs, many houses have repeat numbers with triple digits, such as 111 and 777, and most of the patterns appear many times forming triangles in the city. These codes have been adopted seemingly randomly by the city, and one cannot help but notice a factor of strangeness within it all.1111

Human beings have always been obsessed with the number 3. In the Occult it’s represented geometrically in the triangle and is considered sacred, an example would be the biblical Holy Trinity.111

The Mystical Practice of Tarot card reading also places a heavy influence on the presence of the number three. For instance, there are three ‘Master Numbers’: 11, 22, and 33.

777 numbers in palm springsWhen one observes the placement of the numbers around the ‘Village‘, which appears before a famous tennis club (555 on each side of the street), on ‘The Hill’, where rock legend Elvis Presley had his favorite house (777 on each side), the local high school (333 in the front), and the elementary school (again 777), one has to wonder the significance of this. Even the main street, the 111, wraps around the city.333

A closer look at the history of Palm Springs could possibly reveal an answer.555

At the turn of the century, the city became home to the posh and glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous because of its excellent climate. With the prevalence of movie stars and the opening of several hotels and nightclubs, the bohemian sexual indulgences already apparent in Hollywood interacted with the resort culture of Palm Springs. It’s possible that residences were numbered a certain way to signify where taboo practices were, and were not, acceptable.444

Since the 1940s, mob figures, like Ray Ryan who was killed there in 1977, considered the city their stomping ground. It would make sense if an elaborate numerical system was in place to throw off authorities to any and all illegal activities. Whatever the reason, it has most modern residents puzzled.222

There may be other reasons as well, reasons connected to the indigenous tribes of the area that date back 3,000 years. The Agua Caliente tribe’s first encounters with the incoming settlers were anything but pleasant. Many tribal children were actually forced to give up their language and customs and the tribe unwittingly had a good portion of their lands stolen from them by the 1860s. Considering any Native American tribe’s penchant for retribution whenever they felt slighted by an enemy, it’s possible that a tribal elder cursed the whole of the lands that were then-owned by the settlers. The triple digits would then reveal the parts of the city not considered soured.888

Maybe the answer is religious in nature, considering that the number 777 has its significance rooted in both the Torah and the Kabbalah. Yet, it’s also thought of as a number related to the New World Order and a number of other Occult groups. It’s interesting to note that the black Magician Aleister Crowley was particularly interested in the number, having published a book titled Liber 777 that was based upon mnemonics and factors for religion for use in Magick.mis

The number 111 is considered a very powerful number as it combines the first number 1 with the potent number 11. It’s also a solar number according to the Cabal and the Tarot.

locations of the major numbers

locations of major numbers

With limitless possibilities, a conspiracy of secrecy is worth taking note. Yet, to find what exactly is being hidden, one might be inclined to take a visit to Palm Springs and all other similar historical places. Then comes the question that if something is indeed hidden there, are any of the Government agencies even aware of it? Only one way to find out.

Story credit- Christina .P & Devlin Westbrook

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  • I worked there in 77/78 installing telephones,and don’t know if is black magic BUT many strange things happened especially in the areas you talk about. We would walk uphill only to find a uphill on the way back.You know just back from a couple of tours of Vietnam, I thought be quiet for now.Good time to call my partner

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