Colonial Williamsburg: Three Trip Planning Essentials for Families

Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg is an independent city in the state of Virginia and it has a rich history that is just waiting to be explored when you visit the area.

The main attraction in the area is Colonial Williamsburg, which is the restored historic area of the city and here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your time in this beautiful and interesting part of Virginia.

Best time to visit

Colonial Williamsburg is a living-history experience and considered to be one of the top family destinations in the U.S, so you need to be selective if possible about when you visit this incredible site, so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your time there.

If you want to try and avoid big crowds, then between January and March each year are the quietest periods but the downside is that the weather around this time can be cold and damp.

As it is such a popular family-orientated attraction, the highest number of people in the area is between the school holiday period of June through to August, followed by the Christmas period, when the historic area is decorated especially for the festive period.

Allow a couple of days

Family Vacation

Family Vacation

The best advice for being able to see everything within a comfortable schedule would be to allow for a couple of days in the area. Families can find comfortable lodgings at Williamsburg Resorts. It gives you the opportunity to arrange a family-friendly itinerary which is more relaxing and enjoyable, rather than working against the clock.

In addition to the living-history museum at Williamsburg, nearby Yorktown and Jamestown will appeal to history-lovers and anyone with a keen interest in America’s heritage and events that shaped the nation.

There are other attractions and historical buildings in the area to visit if you get the time, so allow for a couple of days and you should be able to enhance your experience, with plenty of things to do and see that will appeal to all ages.

Getting around

You will find that Williamsburg is a large but compact area and if you are feeling particularly energetic, then it is perfectly feasible to hire a bike locally and be able to get around to all the areas of interest with a fair degree of ease.

If that is too strenuous or you prefer to try and see as many sights as possible while you are in the area, then you will find that there is an excellent shuttle bus service operating from allocated parking lots, which is free and included within the price of your Historic Area admission ticket.

If you stay overnight and want something a bit different to do in the evening, then if your kids are old enough to not be too scared, there are several spooky activities which can be a lot of fun, such as the Original Williamsburg Candlelight Ghost Tour and the Haunted Dinner Theater.

Colonial Williamsburg is a fascinating and interesting place to visit and if you take the time to plan this popular family trip, you are sure to have a great experience there.

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