Christmas vacation Trip to Indonesia

Vacation in Indonesia

Vacation in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and also the fourth most country! Although the country is mostly dominated by a Muslim population, Christmas could be a great time to make a trip to Indonesia. Indonesia consists of over 16,000 islands, with many of them still uninhabited. This is the potential that Indonesia has! Indonesia has become the second most visited country by Australians, after of course the neighboring New Zealand.

Head to Indonesia for Christmas

There are many reasons why Indonesia is a great destination for Christmas holidays. Firstly, the weather in Indonesia is near perfect during December and January. It is balmy to warm during the day, and pleasantly cool after the sun sets. One can easily do beach activities without worrying about sun burns or catching a cold. Secondly, the natural beauty of Indonesia is a major highlight. Indonesia comprises miles and miles of pristine coastline and white sand beaches. The turquoise waters house bountiful coral reefs, oodles of exotic and colourful fish and many other sea creatures. It is the perfect destination for divers. Apart from beach and underwater activities, Indonesia offers many amazing routes for trekkers. The country still has active volcanoes, which are a sight to behold. Thirdly, the parties! Bali is a true party place, with many nightclubs and restaurants.

The islands of Indonesia

Bali is undoubtedly the most popular island in Indonesia for travelers. It’s accessible, safe and tourist friendly. The beaches are beautiful, temples are breathtaking, and people are always smiling. Apart from Bali, Sumatra and Java are popular and important islands. Java houses the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta. The island of Flores is a fascinating island. The changing colors of the three lakes in the caldera of the Kelimutu volcano are truly a surreal vision. These three lakes change their color from red to green to blue. Now isn’t that a vision! The Flores Island is also known for its komodo dragons that tend to laze around in the wild! The waters of the Lombok island are idyllic for deep sea diving.

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