Choosing a European Destination

Paris, European destinations

Paris, European destinations

Which Capital City Should You Visit Next?
Answer these five questions to get a better idea of where you should go on your next European adventure.
Local Signature Foods

Which of these dishes sounds most appealing to you?*

  •  A. Spinach and feta cheese baked into a thin, flaky pastry.
  • B. A baked potato coated in melted cheese and the goodies of your choice.
  • C. A very thin pancake rolled up and filled with sweet flavoring
  • D. Thin tubes of pasta with tomato sauce mixed with vodka and cream
  • E. A thin cut of meat coated with fried bread crumbs
How to Spend Your Time

Describe your perfect day:

  • A. Taking a boat to an island not far from the city
  • B. Touring the town in a double-decker bus and doing some shopping
  • C. Strolling along the river and hitting some art museums
  • D. Running into ancient ruins everywhere you turn, not knowing where to look
  • E. Walking through parks, sampling chocolate cake, and listening to some classical music
Notable Personalities Associated with the City

Who, of these historical figures, sounds like the most interesting (and mysterious) to learn about?**

  • A. A man who expanded an empire at a young age and died in his prime
  • B. A king who had multiple wives and sent some of them to the chopping block
  • C. A power-hungry emperor who took over Europe and was sent into exile
  • D. An emperor who was betrayed—and murdered—by those closest to him
  • E. A crown prince whose death at his hunting lodge remains a mystery to this day
Choose Your Cityscape

Which of these sounds like the ideal environment for you?

  • A. An old city that looks like it’s been whitewashed, with a beautiful ancient central focal point and sparkling blue water nearby
  • B. A busy, bustling metropolis full of gothic architecture, posh shops, royalty, and medieval history galore
  • C. A romantic capital, with beautiful churches, a wide, winding river crisscrossed by many bridges, and infamous national monuments
  • D. A sprawling metropolis with the perfect blend of ancient, medieval, and renaissance architecture
  • E. A quieter city with beautiful parks, gothic spires that pierce the sky, and multiple palaces, most of which contain museums
Most Appealing Weather Patterns

Choose the type of weather you can handle:

  • A. Mild and dry, with a sea breeze
  • B. Rainy, cool, and foggy
  • C. Four seasons, but still somewhat mild
  • D. Mild and dry, and very hot in the summer
  • E. Four distinct seasons, but with a whole lot of wind
Calculate Your Results

Add up the number of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Es, and see which city is the best fit:

  • Mostly As: You should check out Athens.
  • Mostly Bs: London’s the place for you.
  • Mostly Cs: You belong in Paris.
  • Mostly Ds: Rome is perfect for your next destination.
  • Mostly Es: You will love a holiday in Vienna.

Now find out what the food is really called, and who
the historical figures actually were:

*Spanakopita, jacket potato, crêpe, penne alla vodka, Wienerschnitzel

**Alexander the Great, Henry VIII, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Crown Prince Rudolf

And in the event of a tie, why not check out each of your top cities? Europe’s rail system is intricate enough to do so easily!

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