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Where to Eat in Vancouver on $10 or Less

Save money on eating out in Vancouver, BC , with these top cheap restaurants to suite a wide palette from $10 or less. Although there are plenty of cheap restaurants in Vancouver to choose from, here is a selection of some of the top restaurants to dine at for around $10.

Asian Cuisine ($10 or less)

Unlike in a lot of places, sushi is fast food in Vancouver. A lot of sushi restaurants in the city offer 10% for pre-ordering, or have lunch specials. Try Fujiya (with locations in East Vancouver and Downtown) for pre-packaged, but freshly made bento boxes and combos. Kishu Island on Main Street offers huge portions and a wide variety from sushi rolls and cones to tempura and teriyaki. Kadoya Japanese Restaurant on Davie Street is widely popular and has a good selection, though it can be hard to get a table.

Vancouver also boasts a wide variety of other Asian cuisine, from Vietnamese Pho to Szechuan and Chinese Canadian blends. Try Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant on Main Street for delicious meat alternatives, or Hon’s Wun Tun House (with a variety of locations in the city) for fast service and large portions. Thai Terrace in Kitsilano has excellent lunch specials for around $5 and also boasts large portions. Take Thai Home on Commercial Drive also has a tasty selection and allows for customization of the menu (e.g. tofu instead of meat).

Italian Cuisine ($10 or less)

Italian food in Vancouver can range from dollar slice pizza to sit down. There are dollar slice takeouts throughout the city, but one of the best for quality, price and quantity is Uncle Fatih’s on East Broadway. Less than $4 buys 2 large slices of fresh pizza and a drink. Other quality dollar slice pizza options include FM Classic (downtown Vancouver) and 4 Brothers Pizza (Commercial Drive). Many dollar slice places also do delivery.

For a cheap Italian sit-down restaurant, try Sunrise Pizza on Commercial Drive (the heart of the city’s Italian quarter). Sunrise offers specials such as a free appetiser when ordering a pitcher of beer and has good, honest pizzas and pastas. Cafe Artigiano (with locations downtown, the West End and Kerrisdale) offers a more deli-style Italian experience. Sciue in Yaletown has Italian style breakfast and brunch in a cafe setting. There are also plenty of excellent Italian coffee shops (particularly on Commercial Drive) and gelaterias throughout the city.

Local and Mixed Cuisine ($10 or less)

Bon’s Off Broadway in East Vancouver is an institution and one of the last authentic Vancouver “greasy spoons”. The best deal is the enormous breakfast (served all day) for only $2.95 including tax, which can be customized to taste. There is also a wide selection of other food from spaghetti, fish and chips and burgers to Chinese food – all at unbelievably low prices. And patrons may get served by Bon himself! Other good, cheap breakfast spots include Theresa’s and Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive, Cindy’s Cafe in West Vancouver, and The Elbow Room on Davie Street.

Other delicious options include cheap Indian food from Tandoori Palace (Commercial Drive), Kabuli Grill (North Vancouver) or Best Quality Sweets and Restaurant (South Vancouver); Greek from the very popular Stepho’s Greek Taverna (Davie Street) or Lemonia (Downtown); and Mexican from The Burrito Brothers Taco Company (Kitsilano) or Steamrollers (various locations).

There are also mall food courts and fast food chains that offer cheap food, though perhaps not the best quality, as well as plenty of donair and falafel houses, delis, cafes and diners dotted throughout the city.

Vancouver is a multi-cultural city and that is definitely reflected in the range of different types of food available. It is easy to eat well here, but why break the bank when it is possible to eat out for $10 or less?

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