Chase The Clouds With Private Jet Charter

Do you prefer a private jet or a commercial airline to reach your destination? There would be a mixed response to this question, because people have different reasons and choices to choose for the former or the latter flying source. When you plan for your holiday trip or a business meeting overseas, then the selection is mostly done on the basis of expenditure.


However, there are several entrepreneurs who choose for the comfort zone of the private aircraft instead of the regular flights.

Frequent Fliers Opt For Jet:

For the business people and the frequent fliers the private is clearly the best option available. Reason being, the commercial airlines can charge you at a two-hour minimum rate of the flight time. The expense is generally determined by the actual price, and it does not incur any tax benefits.


Flexible Priorities:

The eminent entrepreneurs and other top-rated celebrities are always busy as a bee in their schedules. They have to attend meetings, conference and have to handle the necessary affairs. These schedules tend to change often. At that moment the private jet can prove to be a boon to the ever busy CEO. You can call the services at the unexpected occurrences of time change, as long as you are giving the money.

image005The well-known services of the, offer their passengers to change the flight route at the last moment, in case of a sudden weather change. The private jet charter ratesgive you the opportunity of fixing and breaking your schedule as per your necessity.

There are private jet companies like Icarus Jet which have the compilation of light jets, mid jets and heavy jets for providing complete safety and comfort to their passengers. Each mode of transport functions according to the number of passengers, pricing and the destination distance.

Try Before You Fly:

If you want a test ride of your private jet, you can lease it for the period of your selection. The time duration can be up to one, three or six months by and large. By this option, you would be saved from the hassle of banks and other monetary institutions who try to earn an extra income from the pre-owned private jets.


Privacy Amplified:

Another salient advantage of travelling in a private jet is, having ample of privacy. It is mostly applicable on famous faces and businessmen who sometimes conduct the meetings thousands of feet above the land. For the newly married couples, the privacy of the jet would be their bucolic heaven. You would be surprised by the fact that, many weddings are organized in the private jet thousands of feet above the ground. The private jet offers you to travel unseen by the prying eyes of the public. The fixed based operators at the executive airports offer the VIP arena, which helps in protecting the identity of eminent faces from the common crowd.image013

Take Your Pet Away:

If you can’t stay without your pet, take them with you. The commercial airlines, however do not offer this amenity. Even if they allow you take your pup or kitten, they will treat them unceremoniously. Sometimes, these pets are kept locked in the storage compartment, at high altitudes which endangers their life.In private jets you may possess to yield an extra hundred for the down payment, but you will be assured by the fact that your four legged friends are going happily with you. The Icarus Jet service reciprocates to their passenger’s emotion, and allows them to take their little darlings in the journey by keeping them safe and sound.

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