Brussels: A Trip for the Nonconformist Traveler



by Shah Alom,

If you’re looking for a funky and fun place to visit then Brussels is most likely you’re best bet. A lot of people wouldn’t typically put this place as one of their top must-visit destinations since most travellers would typically just head to its more popular neighbors like France and Netherlands. Moreover, it’s rarely talked about that it has stayed under the radar for so long for the majority of uninitiated travellers out there.

Unbeknown to many, there’s actually a ton of things you can do in Brussels especially if you’re in for a long weekend. Add the fact that the locals are friendly enough to accommodate you whether you want to inquire in French, English or even Dutch. A true multi-linguist community – Brussels is indeed a haven for any vacationer who wants a good dose of affability from the locals.

A great day to go sightseeing is when there’s a holiday being held. This is because the locality is not just rife with parties but a good deal of great music is also played on the streets. To go with your stroll around the city, you can also opt for a beer-tasting exploit just so you can obtain the bragging rights to having tasted some of the best-made beers in the world.

 Inside a Bar

Inside a Bar

With the city’s hospitality industry’s famed exceptional service, it’s typical to see waiters smiling and serving people continuously no matter the throng of people present. If you can sum up the locals here in just one word then you might well probably say that they are one easygoing bunch. This is why you’ll certainly have a field time hopping from one bar to another – there’s just nothing like good company to make a trip really worth the visit.

Furthermore, most cafes have al fresco seating and you’ll typically find a live band playing at street corners to the joy of the watching crowd. This kind of spontaneity is definitely one of the few things that set Brussels apart from its other European neighbors. It has a certain panache that unusually raw for a city of its stature. It’s easy to fall in love with this city given its unassuming appeal.

Of course, you should never forget to sample the renowned Belgian food – from chocolates to waffles, make sure to try them and you’ll surely see why these two are famed as it is. When it comes to nightlife, its cozy bars are a sure hit for the ladies who want a low-key yet fun way to celebrate their hen parties. All in all, you will definitely love Brussels and its reserved effervescence. A perfect destination for free spirits, make sure to bring a good amount of curiosity to truly enjoy what the city offers.

    Festivals in Brussels

Festivals in Brussels


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