Boracay Trip for First-time Solo Travelers

Boracay Solo Travel

Boracay Solo Travel

Boracay, one of the most hailed islands in the world, is accommodating to collective parties and individuals who want to have a complete experience of what the paradise has to offer. For travelling individuals—those soloists who can brave and enjoy the solitary travel and escapades—Boracay has down to the littlest of its offerings fully available for the taking. Going solo in this island is not in the least dangerous; in fact, it can even present a better understanding of oneself as a traveller.

Going to the island by plane

A solo trip to Boracay is best planned ahead for two things: First, the itinerary can be laid out to fit the traveller’s interests. Second, cheaper flights can be booked in order to save money to splurge for perks on the island. The best money-saver for flights is to book a ticket one year in advance. A solo, one-way ticket in some of the major carriers flying to the Caticlan can cost up to Php5,000 for the regular price, but this can dramatically be reduced if purchased at a discount from several online booking companies or ticket sellers. A cheap, round-trip ticket is the best deal to look for.

Taking a different route

Solo travellers with time to spare may take a boat from Batangas Pier to Caticlan. The ferry departs the pier at 8 in the evening and docks to the Caticlan port after 8 hours. Further, at least 2 hours must be allotted for the road trip from Manila to Batangas Pier. Depending on the type of cabin chosen, a traveller must pay up to Php1,200 for the boat trip. An 8-hour travel by sea is just a jiffy with the many ways to pass time nowadays; more plans can be made, hours of video gaming can be played, and several playlists can be listened to.

Arrival to Caticlan

Once Caticlan Airport—officially known as Godofredo P. Ramos Airport—is reached, the next stop is Caticlan Jetty Port followed by Cagban Jetty Port. Boat fee is Php25 per ticket. The next ride to one’s accommodation is via tricycle, which costs Php80 for three passengers. When taking a tricycle, it is better to share the ride and flat fare with fellow passengers on the queue. From this point, the paradise island is around 20 minutes away.


Significant amounts of time can be saved if a Boracay beach hotel or inn has been booked prior to one’s arrival. But if this is not the case, patience must be saved to hop from one hotel to another, or when determined to look for cheap hotels in Boracay. The difficulty of finding a hotel fast depends on the season the travel is made. Hotels tend to be full during high and peak seasons, and they tend to be more expensive as well. Asking around for the location of cheap but decent hotels will be a great time-saver. Some residents also offer some of their rooms, but since Boracay houses are located somewhere in the middle of the island, this will put one out of proximity to the beach.


Day in and day out, Boracay is alive. During the day, water-related activities can be tried out in any beach resort in Boracay. Exploring the different parts of the island is the best activity for solo travellers. Whatever adventurer taste needs to be satisfied, pictures must always be captured. At night, bars and restaurants are even more bustling and pumping, with dancing lights and music creating the vibe. There is an unlimited list of things to do on the island, so an advanced planning is helpful in order to form a budget.

Tips for a better time

Any traveller must not forget to visit the D’Mall, perhaps on the last day to shop for souvenirs. Other things to do on the island include bicycling all around, food tripping, and posing before the famous Willy’s Rock. Of course, dipping at the beautiful Puka Beach is a must-try. Although the fine white sand is tempting to bring home, this is not advisable because the island authorities  penalize people who steal the sand. There are retail stores, ATMs, and other basic necessities on the island just like in cities, so hassles are out of the scenario.

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