Bird Poop

bird poop

bird poop


My husband and I were on an extended holiday in Sri-Lanka; it was the hot season and we were venturing out in a new city Kandy, to see some of the famous tourist sites the city is famous for.

Instead of using a tour guide we decided to head out on our own, not a smart move in a strange country. Before we realized it we were lost. We continued walking nearly three hours hoping to find our way back to our hotel.

Exhausted, hungry and in desperate need of a cup of coffee we began to take our frustrations out on each other. Right in the middle of the street we began to argue and yell, each blaming the other for our situation. The more we argued the worse it got. I began to walk quickly away from my husband in hopes of finding someone who could help us find our way.

My husband followed about 100 feet behind me, not wanting to continue to engage in any further conversation with me. All of a sudden I felt something hot and wet on my head and face, not a small something but more like a cup of something. I turned around and looked at my husband not knowing what had happened.

When he got closer to me he drew a huge smile on his face, the closer he got to me the larger the smile became. When he got right up next to me he began to laugh so hard he could hardly stand. He leaned up next to a building trying to regain his composure. Looking at him, confused, he slowly began to explain that I had a huge bird poop on my head and face and that it was beginning to drip down my left arm.

I  turned to look in the window of a store to see what I swear is the largest bird poop I had ever witnessed on my head. The temperature so high I realized it was drying quickly. My husband tried to wipe it off with a small napkin he had in his pocket but it was not budging. Realizing the situation I had to laugh  as well. My husband and I stood there laughing, as neither of us knew what to do next.

All of our laughing drew the attention of one of the locals, who drove a” three wheel”; he was kind enough to give us a ride to our hotel so I could clean up.

Moral of the story: don’t fight in a strange country;  the birds don’t like it.

Location: Kandy- Sri-Lanka

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