Biking Around Austria’s Lake Neusiedl

Cycling Is the Best Way to Experience Burgenland’s Neusiedler See

When planning a trip to the southeast Austrian province of Burgenland, consider renting a bicycle. Scenic paths surround Lake Neusiedl and are perfect for bike rides. Burgenland in eastern Austria is like no other place in the country. Home to Lake Neusiedl and a plethora of vineyards and small villages, it is a popular destination for Austrians and international travelers alike. One of the best ways to get to know the area is by renting a bike and cycling around to various small villages and other attractive spots on the lake.

A Relaxing Journey

Most of the bike paths around the Neusiedler See are fairly wide, flat roads, appropriate for cyclists at any level. Bike paths are indicated by signs with the letter “B” followed by a number. Ferry rides are also available for pedestrians and bikers; the boats run several times per day but usually do not go very late into the evening. See Burgenland’s tourism website for more details about ferry schedules.

With green fields and a seemingly endless sky, the beautiful scenery is more or less a constant. And with an abundance of trees and strategically placed benches under them, it is also easy to stop anywhere on your bike ride to refuel with a break for lunch and some water.

Where to Rent a Bike

In most towns, there is at least one bike rental shop, and it’s even possible to rent at some hotels and hostels in the area. The price to rent for a day is relatively reasonable; typically a rental is eight to ten Euro. The advantage of renting from your own hotel or hostel is that there is usually not a set time on when you have to bring the bike back by the end of the day. Otherwise, 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. are fairly standard bike return times. Be sure to take this into account when looking at ferry times as well; the last ferries depart at about 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., depending on the location and destination.

Where to Go

From the town of Rust on the lake’s western shore, it’s possible to cycle down to the small village of Mörbisch to take the ferry over to Illmitz. If you’re feeling up to it, you can skip the ferry and keep heading south into Hungary, just a couple of kilometers away.

Another option is to take the ferry from Rust to Podersdorf. The eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl has several attractive bike routes that often pass by smaller lakes and ponds, most notably Sankt Andrä on the Zicksee, a small, peaceful, tree-lined lake southeast of Podersdorf.

When sightseeing around Burgenland’s Neusidler See, biking is the ideal way to set your own travel pace and not be at the mercy of train and bus schedules. The only timetable you need to keep in mind is that of the ferries. With that advantage, you can relax and get the most out of your trip to this unique corner of Austria.

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