Best Tips on How to Travel When You Have No Money

Traveling is one of the most fun moments that many people from different parts of the world relish. The idea of going to new places and exploring different scenery and aspects of life is quite fulfilling for most travel junkies. And for all this to happen, money is apparently a key consideration in determining when, how, and where to travel.

However, if you don’t have enough money but still want to travel, you’re in lucky. This article highlights some of the best ways to travel without money yet still get pleasure from the experience.

Traveling is not an activity for the wealthy alone

Most people assume that totravel and have fun while doing the same you must have lots of money. This is not true; it is just a misconceived thought and those who believe it holds back from traveling and exploring.

You should understand that you can successfully travel to different destinations and during different seasons provided that you have enough money for necessities like food, water, and fuel.

Better preparation is also essential even when you are traveling without money. It is always important to ensure that you carry along all your particulars depending on the prevailing climate of your preferred traveling destination. For instance, when planning to travel to Europe during winter, it is always advisable to ensure that you pack warm clothing and bedding such as a wool blanket.

Even when you do not earn or make a lot of money from your particular ventures, you can still cross the borders and enjoy the cultural and social diversity in the different countries.

There are several ways that you can use to attain this gratification. Some of these ways include the following;

1. Find employment overseas

This is one of the surest means of traveling the world without necessarily using your money. Most countries in the world employ foreigners with different skills that are valuable to them. If you have one that can be used in a foreign country, then seize this opportunity to travel to make money.

Gaining employment in some countries can be pretty simple, and it doesn’t necessarily require advanced academic qualifications, either. In this case, you can get payments from the particular overseas job that will enable you to foot your travel bills.

You, therefore, need to fully research to make it possible for you to get the type of job that you will enjoy doing but at the same time helping you to raise some amount of money to cater for your travel bills.

2. Get a free flight

Free flight tickets are a way to travel when you don’t have money for tickets but still want to travel. There are several ways to obtain free tickets. One way to do this is by is by signing up for travel credit cards. A few traveling companies offer this so search online for the one with the best offers.

After signing up, you will need to travel often to enable you to collect the required miles and hotel points which will then allow you to fly free as a way of redeeming the accumulated mileage points.

You can also use the points you have collected in the card to book for relatively cheaper flights to take you to your preferred traveling destination.

This act is commonly referred to as travel hacking where you choose to get rewards from using the point and miles you have accumulated in the past to get services for free as you redeem the points. You can also choose to focus on the various online bonuses and special offers that are often provided as loyalty reward programs and capitalize on them.

3. Stay with the local hosts for free

Accommodation is one of the things that take up a large chunk of your travel cost. The trick to avoiding overspending on accommodation is by living with locals in their homes for the time you are on a voyage.

In most occasions, locals tend to bond with travelers and in turn, offer them free accommodation and even food. This bonding comes as a way of appreciation for a service rendered or just mere liking. However, you should alwayshave a few bedding like sheets and wool blankets to help keep you warm and in the case of limited sleeping space and blankets.

Several couch surfing platforms canassist you in making great friends in the particular city or town that you are visiting and who will also host you free in their residences. Moreover, you can also find a hosting family that will be willing to pay for some of the bills that you would incur when traveling such as transport and meals.

All you need to do is carry out your research well and making sure that you get good and willing hosts who will not take advantage of your situations.

4. Teaching English overseas

If you are a native English or you can speak or write fluent English, then you are in an advantaged position. What this means is that many non-English speaking countries in the world have spectacular scenery worth traveling to.

Getting the relevant certifications and going to such countries as a teacher of English gives you an edge in traveling without money.

As a matter of fact, several employers will always pay for your flights, accommodation, and other necessary amenities thus making it easy for you to travel without the worries of having money in your account or pocket.

5. Work as a tour guide

Tour guiding is one of the surest ways of earning money and at the same time tour the world. There are several destinations tourist usually frequent in particular seasons. In this case, you can choose to become a tour guide as a way of helping the visitors in identifying various tourist attraction sites. This way you will frequently be traveling to different destinations without necessarily having to foot your travel bills.

There are numerous tour companies all over the world that provide such opportunities to people from various parts of the world. Check in with this firms for any opportunities in the field.

6. Consider funding your voyage as a group

The world is fast evolving,and people are taking different approaches to achieving their objectives in life. What this implies is that numerous people all over the world have traveled and some still visiting various places because there are individuals who funded the trips.

You can come up with a group and create a value addition trip for people that would make it possible for other people to support you.

You may also come up with programs where members of the group contribute for a particular trip and the money raised to be used in funding the course. This way, you will be able to travel and enjoy the trip that is jointly funded by people with whom you share a common goal/objective.

7. Woofing

This might sound strange especially to people who have never heard of it or those who have little or no idea of what it is all about. Woofing is working on a farm in a foreign country as a casual laborer but at the same time getting free accommodation food and communing with the great outdoors.

What is usually needed in this case is to pay some amount of registration fee that would allow you to get to the farm and allrequirements will be provided to you once you get there. What you need to succeed in this program is your hard work and honesty as a guest in the farm. It is the only thing that will enable you to get all the essential amenities free of charge inclusive of free training.

It is also the best approach that you can choose to undertake if your desire is to travel when you have no money.

8. Get involved in work trades

Work trade refers to a program where different types of establishments look for travelers from different parts of the world to come and volunteer in various activities that they offer in exchange for free accommodation and board. This in consideration is an amazing way of traveling to such destinations even when you do not have money.

It is always vital to organize and plan with the host organization by engaging them to know the particular time they would take you in for the work trade.


As earlier mentioned, you don’t have any huge sums of money to travel different states and parts of the world. The above mentioned are tips and approaches you can consider when you want to travel without money.

Of importance, always ensure that you take extra precaution especially when dealing with strangers while considering some of the tips that have been provided in this article. Your safety should come first. Just know that you can travel and enjoy doing it even when your pocket is not loaded. Good luck!

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