Beautiful Sights of India: Fort Aguada, Goa

fort Aguada, Credit-Wikipedia

fort Aguada, Credit-Wikipedia

by Andy Paolacci

If you’re traveling to Goa, India, visiting Fort Aguada is a must for any tourist in search of engaging history, discovery and inspiring architecture. Any seasoned traveller will tell you that Goa is a place of relaxation and vacation. Whether you’re travelling to India’s Portuguese-explored province for a brief getaway or an extended stay, placing Fort Aguada at the pinnacle of your ‘sightseeing’ list is nothing short of essential.

Goa’s Attractions Rest with Its Awe-inspiring Portuguese Architecture

Situated on the picturesque Sinquerim Beach on the cusp of the Arabian Sea, Fort Aguada gives you a historic taste of the Portuguese flavour still brimming in the Goan heartland. The fort itself was founded by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century, originally as a defensive seaside outpost to protect the Bardez District of Goa. Instead, the fort gradually became an orientation point for mercantile ships to stock up on fresh water supplies for the Portuguese sailors and explorers.

Today, the remnants of the fort allow the modern-day tourist to imagine what life might’ve been like in the 1600s. It’s easy to imagine a time when the 79 cannons scattered around the fort were firing on all cylinders to fend off an imaginary invading Dutch fleet. Indeed, any adversary planning a surprise assault on the Portuguese coastal fort would’ve been spotted from some distance due to the fort’s dazzling white beacon: the Fort Aguada lighthouse.

Built in 1864, the lighthouse was Portugal’s avant-garde answer to strengthening the fort around its eroding ramparts and is, in fact, Asia’s oldest lighthouse standing at an impressive four storeys tall. A winding, yet thirsty moat trickles around the fort, further establishing the lighthouse as Fort Aguada’s main attraction. The gleaming white tower shines like a diamond in the rough and adds a splash of purity to the stronghold’s dusty surroundings.

Additionally, for the photography enthusiasts, the Fort Aguada lighthouse juxtaposed with the coastal views of the Arabian Sea really make for a great picture.

Vivanta by Taj Beach Resort – Fort Aguada, Goa

If you’re searching for accommodation near the fort, the extravagant Vivanta by Taj Beach Resort in Fort Aguada is the perfect sanctuary to recoup your energy from the daily sightseeing crusade. With its eye-catching Goan-Portuguese architecture, the Taj boasts an impressive 145 rooms, with 14 terrace suites that overlook the glamorous Arabian Sea.

Fort Aguada’s Taj Beach Resort offers relaxing treats, including aromatherapy massages and remedial spa sessions. Alternatively, if you’re looking to engage yourself in leisure activities, there’s a 24-hour fitness center, multi-sports complex and even opportunities for rock-climbing, jumaring or abseiling.

The resort’s nine restaurants and bars provide customized experiences of dining exclusivity by the Arabian Sea. With unrivaled accommodation facilities and a hot tourist spot all within a stone’s throw of each other, Goa’s Fort Aguada offers every traveler the complete holidaying experience on the Portuguese doorstep of India.

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