Beautiful Sceneries of New Zealand

There’s no denying that the stunning sceneries of New Zealand sometimes defy superlatives. Residents, travelers, photographers and filmmakers around the globe. New Zealand is the country with sceneries. Here are few of the images I captured during my 6 months stay.

Hot water Beach: Dig your own pool just few feet from the Pacific Ocean. The water is naturally heated from the earth and bubbles up through the sand. The beach is located along the NZ’s Pacific coast just south of the thermal spgs.


Lake Rotorua: This is the 2nd largest lake of the North Island, located in the bay of plenty area. The lake was formed from a crater of a large volcano. Its a great place to hang out and enjoy a great day. If you walk around the lake, you may see few active geezers. Even-though the smell is terrible, you get used to it within 30mn time and be able to enjoy the beautiful lake. Animal life is abundant.

44705_104360959625221_100001539520350_32804_5196275_nSomes Island, Wellington: The island is a retreat for wildlife, occupied by Maori for generations. it is now belong to department of conservation scientific and historic reserve. The island has some stunning views, bird watching opportunities as well as the chance to study native plants and animals enjoying the pest-free environment.

44786_104362876291696_100001539520350_32877_3052499_n Cooks Strait: is the strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It connects the Tasman Sea with the South Pacific Ocean. These views are stunning. Take the ferry from Wellington harbor to Picton, South Island. Its an hour cruise with stunning views.

45650_104363496291634_100001539520350_32888_1750130_nThe picturesque seaside town of Picton is the South Island base for the ferry service that links the main islands of New Zealand. It’s also the gateway to the marine, forest and island attractions of the Marlborough Sounds. The town is beautiful and there is an aquarium and a floating Maritime museum to visit. While you are walking on the beach, not far from it, you can see stingray fish swimming in the ocean.

45839_104365512958099_100001539520350_32896_1945858_nAnother image of the Hot-water beach. Views are stunning.

46165_104361219625195_100001539520350_32812_6517310_nThe anti-aircraft gun emplacements in Somes Island near Wellington.

47465_104365559624761_100001539520350_32897_6184270_nBeautiful beach area  near Bay of Plenty


47951_104368182957832_100001539520350_32932_7457339_nBeautiful state park near Wellington, NZ. This tall tree is just Amazing to look at.


Breathtaking views from a hike in the upper hut area, 30mn from Wellington by train. Make sure to follow the path or you can easily get lost on your hike.


 Beach near Queen Elizabeth park located on the Kapiti coast. Park contains the last area of natural sand dunes of the kapiti coast. The views are very pleasant.

edb886ab379e8c3bf4de36527089dbae Beautiful trees in the Botanical gardens of Wellington. Free to visit and the park is a great gateway for anyone. Walk to the top and you can get a great views of the Wellington area with its surroundings.

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