Beach Exercises for the Travel Addict

The best thing about going on a vacation is the fact that you’ll be soaking in the warmth of the sun and the salt of the sea at a secluded beach without so much as thinking about deadlines, studying, or business meetings.

However, just because you’ve decided to run away from civilization for a while, it doesn’t mean that you should turn into a stone and just lie down on the shore doing nothing for days. For those of you who love to travel but also want to stay fit, these are the best exercises to do on the beach.

Soft sand running

sports-768430_960_720Soft sand will give you more resistance than regular pavement because your feet sink in an inch or two into it. For those who are working on speed training, this is the best solution. Your calves are working harder since you are running on the balls of your feet, and once you reach a flat surface you’ll notice how much easier (and less tiring) it is to run.

Still, if you’re just beginning to train, it might be wise to run closer to the water and slowly move upwards to a drier surface so your body can get used to the gradual change. If the heat of the day is too tiring for you, choose to run early in the morning or at sunset.

Sand lunges

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Sand lunges are quite simple: you just have to step forward with one foot. However, instead of a familiar hard surface to help you bounce forward, the sand will soak in your energy and make your muscles work twice as hard. The knee of your front leg should not come above your toes but stay in line with your ankles, while your other knee should brush the sand.

Use the heel of your front foot to lift up; next, lift your back foot off the sand and step forward into a second lunge with it. Since the ground isn’t level, your entire lower body will work to help you stay balanced, and three series with 20 lunges will leave you exhausted but happy.

Beach yoga

balance-405513_960_720Doing yoga on the beach is not only inspirational, but it’s also beneficial, as the sand will give you softness and support which you would ordinarily achieve by using blankets and mats. You’ll be able to slide your feet with ease while stretching to achieve the Monkey pose; it will also give support to your knees for the Hero pose; and it’s incredibly comfortable for the crown of your head while you’re doing a headstand. However, yoga is about being comfortable too, and fitness wear is more recommendable than your swimsuit, as this will allow you to move your limbs freely and support your back and breast when necessary.

Strength training


It cannot be stressed enough just how much sand will help you build up strength and get in shape, as it’s a completely different stimulus for your muscles. Squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, and planking are more demanding but definitely more rewarding than regular gym exercises. Your strength levels will stay high during your vacation, and when you get back to the gym you’ll have no issues following your pre-vacation regime.

If you like secluded beaches, you’ll have no problem relaxing and focusing on your workout. However, even if you find a beach popular among sunbathers, it doesn’t mean that you should be shy and skip a workout that day. As long as you don’t bother anyone by kicking up sand and pebbles, you can work out freely. What’s more, you can also meet other fitness enthusiasts and work out in pairs or groups.

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