Barcelona’s Interior Design Stores and Showrooms

BD Barcelona showroom with Poltrona chair by Hayón Credit: BD Barcelona

BD Barcelona showroom with Poltrona chair by Hayón Credit: BD Barcelona

Anyone lucky enough to be visiting Barcelona, and who has an interest in design, should make time to visit some of its wonderful interior design stores Of course, Barcelona is synonymous with the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí and no visit is complete without making time to stare in awe and wonder at the Sagrada Familia, and his houses, Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, as well as the bewitching Park Guell. But Gaudi wasn’t only an architect, as Salvador Dali did not only paint pictures. Both men designed furniture and it is possible to see their designs and indeed buy them….if you know where to look.

BD Barcelona
Master Lamp

Master Lamp

Probably the city’s best modern design showroom, and one that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world, this is place to learn about Spain’s role in the development of 20th Century modernism. BD Barcelona is a gallery space as well as a showroom that sells contemporary furniture. It has its own furniture brand, called BD, and has the license to manufacture the early 20th Century furniture designs of Gaudí and Dalí – the latter’s Lips sofa is no doubt familiar to anyone with an interest in modernist furniture.

On Carrer Pujades, which is between the central streets of Diagonal and Meridiana, BD Barcelona is a wonderful showroom and gallery space housed in a handsome modernist building. BD has the best modern furniture, some of which it commissions itself from designers including Jaime Hayón and Ross Lovegrove.

BD Barcelona was set up in 1972 by a group of leading Catalan architects, including Oscar Tusquets, to showcase the best in contemporary furniture, a role it continues to perform to wide acclaim.

Marset For Lighting

Marset is one of Spain’s best-known contemporary lighting manufacturers, and it has recently opened a trade showroom in Barcelona, on Calle Santaló. The showroom is reached by walking through a passageway into a courtyard and then into the space, which is stylishly utilitarian, with planks of pale wood instead of display units, and whitewashed walls. This unadorned approach allows the large display of beautiful lights to take center stage. Marset, which was founded in 1942, sells widely in Spain and also in some 40 countries.

Nani Marquina’s Rugs
Nani Marquina rug Credit: Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina rug Credit: Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina designs some of the most inspirational modern rugs on the market. Anyone looking for designer rugs at fairly affordable prices should visit her new showroom in the heart of Barcelona’s design district. The company took over a disused garage on the corner of Calle Rosselló and Avenue Diagonal – one of the city’s most prestigious shopping streets – and has created a joyously vibrant 750 sq m show space that is spread over three floors.

Nani Marquina rugs tend to be very colorful, textured and unusual, but she has styles to suit most tastes. She is a real star in Spain, and an inspirational businesswoman who travels the world for design inspiration.

Tresserra Collection

Tresserra Collection furniture and lighting is not for ordinary mortals because it is so expensive. But it is exquisite and it is inspiring just to look at the level of craftsmanship that goes into it. So make time to visit and see modern cabinetwork at its ultimate. Tresserra Collection is run by founder and designer Jaime Tresserra. Wooden desks with secret compartments, wood and glass dining tables, luxury accessories, superb seating, Tresserra pieces are best described as classic contemporary often with a slight Oriental twist. Tresserra’s showroom is at Josep Bertrand 17.

Cosmic For Bathrooms

For very modern, interesting, idiosyncratic and beautifully made bathroom products, visit the showroom on Avenida Diagonal of Cosmic, one of Spain’s leading designer bathroom companies. It works regularly with top designers, such as Martín Azúa.

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