Barcelona is known to the world as the most happening place in the mainland of Europe. The people are hospitable and warm. The city Barcelona attracts tourists from round the world where the biggest attraction is that of luxury hotels. The stunning beaches and the exotic crowd makes Barcelona, the most loved destination of the world.

It would not be wrong to say that there is no single dull moment when you land in Barcelona.It is worth telling you that the months of August and September being summers arethe most preferred time of the tourists. The sunshine is infinite and this is exactly the reason why people from damp and cold areas flock to this exquisite part of the world. You would find many suitable accommodations for stay at this time.

It does not come as a surprise that majority of tourists rush to the sandy beaches of Barcelona. These beaches are a stunning mix of scenery and avid activity. Nevertheless, amidst all this do not forget to explore the historic sites with the likes of Ramblas. This is the recommended street for all tourists as it is packed with souvenirs and many other collectibles. While you are at it, you should stroll down the MACBA museum and the beautiful Museo Picasso. If you are a huge fan of Barcelona Team, you have to visit the football stadium and the Gaudi’s popular, La SagradaFamilia.

The gastronomical delicacies of Barcelona never cease to amaze and impress. The place is especially known for the exquisite seafood such has Pulpo a Feira that is actually a boiled octopus. Spanish omelet and Paella are much craved and appreciated. The restaurants exhibit international quality food and follow the traditions of CarlesAbellan and FerranAdria.

If you are lucky enough to book yourself in any of the many luxury hotels, there are chances that the hotel may further lavish you with Cava or Spanish Sangria.

1383998319_7As the hubs of Barcelona are always found bustling with activity, there is no dearth to events and festivals for you to attend. Every day delights are plentiful such as listening to traditional music by the very brilliant Spanish musicians. The Sonar festival and the Christmas parties at Cathedral of Santa Lucia are a true feast for all those who know how to have a good time.

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