Avoid travel headaches with these top 5 tips

Travelling abroad is something that we all love. Whether it’s a cruise along the mighty Amazon River or soaking up the sun in Cyprus, for most of us vacations are the result of years of hard work and provide an opportunity to both to rest and explore. However, that does not mean that vacations are immune to problems. Travelling can give rise to plenty of issues, some of which can have adverse affects and turn an otherwise happy time stressful and un-enjoyable.


Travel tips

These 5 tips will help prevent the tribulations that come with travelling abroad.

Take travellers cheques or a prepaid debit card

Make sure to take some currency in the form of travellers cheques or a prepaid debit card. Most countries will have the facilities to exchange these for the local currency, such as post offices, banks and travel agencies. Travellers cheques and prepaid debit cards provide a safeguard against accidental loss, theft and damage. Providing you have the serial number in hand they can be cancelled and replaced at any time to ensure you don’t lose your cash.

Check local drug laws before taking medicines

Before taking medicines with you, check your destination’s drug laws. Travellers are often ignorant of local laws and find themselves in deep water when passing through customs with items containing banned substances. For example, codeine – a common over-the-counter drug – is banned in many countries as it is a derivative of morphine and packing it in your baggage could get you arrested. The laws governing the transportation of medicinal products also vary. Most countries will allow you to take the necessary drugs with you, but only if you have a doctor’s note.

Book an appointment with the doctor

It’s imperative to ensure that you and your family are inoculated before you leave, especially if you’re travelling with children. The NHS website provides access to information regarding common local diseases in most countries. Children are more prone to some diseases and the effects can be a lot more harmful on their underdeveloped immune systems; therefore make sure you leave plenty of time to be inoculated as some vaccination treatments need to be taken over the course of a few months.

Thoroughly assess your travel insurance policy

Travel insurance is a must for anybody planning on spending time abroad; however not all insurance policies are the same. Some may not cover you for certain situations – such as skiing and snowboarding – and may not cover your children if they are above a certain age. Travel insurance is relatively cheap and can be found on many comparison websites along with reviews from past customers. If you regularly travel throughout the year, consider buying a multi-trip insurance package or paying for a bank account with included travel insurance – it could work out a lot cheaper.

Learn important words and phrases in the local language

Learn some of the local language. It’s not difficult to find English speakers in most countries; however, learning a small amount of the native language will improve your travelling experience ten-fold. You will find navigating, ordering food and drink, and sightseeing far more enjoyable if you can engage with the locals and show them that you respect and take interest in their customs and language. Don’t worry if you get a few words wrong or struggle; it’s simply part of the experience.

Truth be told, this list could go on and on. There are literally hundreds of things to look out for when you’re travelling and failure to take the proper precautions could lead to disastrous consequences. Taking a holiday is supposed to be a joyous and rewarding time, yet it can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress, especially if you’re travelling with children – visit My Menorca Villa for a detailed list of additional tips.

No matter where you go or what you do, you’ll probably have some anxieties. However, learning as much as you can about your destination will significantly reduce your chance of running into problems, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip without any unnecessary concerns.

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