Mimi Loftus

Super organized, optimistic, and open-minded educator on a quest for the ultimate “Ah-ha! moment;” Seemingly unending natural energy puts a positive spin on OCD; Predominantly left-brained but with just the right amount of right-brain influence to balance logic with creativity; Hyper-vigilant lover of puzzles with bizarre attraction to problem-solving who recognizes the importance of deceptively small and insignificant details; Imaginative “cool projects developer” with a systematic approach to planning thanks to classic New England work ethic; Well-traveled, well-read, and well-versed in pop and high cultures; Kind and polite to all people, to the consternation of some more+

Third World Affair

We met in front of the Hotel Inglaterra at 10. One of the most famous hotels in Havana, the decadent and ornate facade make it a desperate testament...