Asia Travel Guides – A Guide to the Mystical Land of Asia

Asia travel

Asia travel

In Asia one can find a wide variety of landscapes and lovely destinations ranging from the Taj of India and Great Wall of China to lesser known wonders like Temples of Bagan of Myammar. The vast continent is populated by people speaking different languages and dialects.

The climatic condition of Asia is also ideal for any traveler. It is the land of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth and boasts of marvelous structures that reminds one about the bygone era. Asia Travel Guides you to make most of your travel time by making your journey memorable.

Discover the Pristine Beaches

Asian Travel Guides you to enjoy the warming sand and the crystal clear blue water of the sea. In Asia you can find innumerable lovely beaches with excellent climatic conditions in Maldives and Thailand.

Some beaches also offer other facilities like scuba diving and sailing. If you are uncomfortable with the crowd around and want to be just you in front of the whispering mellows of the sea, then Vietnam can be an ideal choice. You can find a number of excellent resorts and hotels along these beaches to pamper your body and mind.

Go into the Ancient Age

There are plenty of historical places in Asia possessing architectural marvel. One can visit Khajuraho to wonder at the detailed carvings on the temple wall. In India alone there are many historical places like the Amber Fort, Hampi Ruins, Hawa Mahal etc. One can also visit Japan for the Nijo Castle where the wooden floors make a noise like that of a nightingale whenever somebody enters the castle.

Asian travel guides you to achieve an unforgettable experience while travelling in this vast continent. If you want to explore less travelled destinations depicting the ancient era then you can choose to visit the untouched cave temples of Sri Lanka and the ancient city of Samarkand of Uzbekistan.

Explore the snow capped mountains

Bored of wandering over the plains then mountains can be an ideal place for you to find solace. Asian Travel Guides you to a number of snow-capped mountains from where you can have a spectacular view of the rising sun. A trip to Tiger Hill in Darjeeling in India or a trekking to mountain ridges of Kyrgyzstan will make you wonder of the creation of god. The silver lining on these mountains and the golden sun create such a scenic beauty that you will become spellbound.

Apart from these there are also picturesque lakes, beautiful parks, old temples and green landscape to be a treat for your senses. One can also enjoy the nightlife of Asian cities like that of Singapore and Thailand. Wherever you travel , always remember to carry a list of the destinations you are looking for and acquire as much information as you can to avoid any unforeseen problem while travelling.

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