Art in Paris -The Master Pieces that Live in the City Of Lights

Art has become synonymous with Paris, France, as some of the most amazing works of art that have found a home in the city of lights and love.

Between the Louvre, the Orsay, and the countless other museums and galleries; one could spend a lifetime soaking in the art of Paris. Here are some of the most famous master pieces that can be found there.

The Mona Lisa

One of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous works can be found at the Louvre. The Mona Lisa is one of the studied and scrutinize paintings in the world. What sets it apart as a masterpiece has been debated, some argue that it is the subjects expression. While others have noted that it was progressive for its time. The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 and soon recovered. The painting now has a bullet-proof case that protects it.

The Venus de Milo

One of the most famous Ancient Greek statues can be found at the Louvre Museum in Paris, which is fitting as it is the of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The arms of the marble statue have been lost, and although it is not certain many believe it is the work of Alexandros of Antioch.

The Ballet Class

Edgar Degas frequented the Paris Opera House not only as a member of the audience but also as a visitor backstage where he would observe the dancers in the studio. He is famous for his paintings of dancers among them are The Ballet Class. According to the Orsay Museum, Degas favorite subjects were ballerinas at work, in rehearsal or at rest, and he tirelessly explored the theme with many variations in posture and gesture.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self- Portrait

Over the course of his life, Vincent Van Gogh produced over 40 self portraits, one of his most popular can be seen at the Orsay Museum in Paris. Although Van Gogh is hailed as one of the greatest painters in history, he did not become famous till after his death.

The Rue Montorgueil in Paris

The famous painting of The Rue Montorgueil in Paris by Claude Monet is an illustration of the celebration that took place at the end of the World Fair. According to the Orsay Museum – the home of the painting, was a demonstration of national and republican enthusiasm a few months only after the great confrontation between republicans and conservators in 1876-1877.

These are just a few of the many great pieces of art that can be seen in Paris, France. Moving beyond the Louvre and the Orsay Museums opens up a whole other realm of art in the city of lights.

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