Are travel agents still needed?

Travel Agency, Cr-wikipedia

Travel Agency, Cr-wikipedia

by Stephen Mattson,

Today the world is more accessible than ever, and with enough money, you can travel almost anywhere on the planet. With thousands of cities and hundreds of countries waiting to be explored, the skills of a good travel agent have never been more in demand.

For years travel agents have worked hard to make once restricted areas open to exploration and enjoyment. They go beyond researching food, attractions, and culture, and actually work with their regional contacts to open up new tourist destinations. This involves working in the community and with local governments, often taking years of dialogue and networking. Through their efforts, transportation, lodging, and services are established in order to receive anticipated tourists. Only then do travel agents publicize their getaways to the general public.

Travel agents provided necessary information that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. This knowledge comes from years of experience and first-hand familiarity with the places being visited. Such understanding prevents unsuspecting tourists from making costly and dangerous mistakes.

Every year we hear horror stories of friends and relatives that have wasted thousands of dollars on a bad hotel, cruise, or resort. Cockroaches infesting the beds, the food causing illness, the security being poor, the entertainment being pathetic, the room smelling bad, and money  being stolen are just a few examples of what could possibly go wrong.

For the average person, a vacation is a luxury, and a trip overseas demands lots of time, money, and energy. By planning a trip all by yourself, you risk wasting all of these precious resources. Reputable agents also offer guarantees and reimbursements. Having someone organize and facilitate the details not only eases the mind, but it also helps create more enjoyable and successful travel.

Today, travel agents are becoming increasingly rare. This isn’t necessarily due to a lack of demand. Instead, travel agents are simply being replaced.  Corporations have their own agents in the form of business secretaries and mangers, and these individuals research, plan, and lead trips in much the same way as an agent does. Cities, hotels, and resorts have also incorporated this mentality by increasing the role of their concierge services, planning customer’s trips according to their preferences.

Even though the travel agent has evolved into these different forms, the need for a primary planner remains vitally important – especially if you’ve never been to the area. Don’t leave such an important event to chance. Travel agents are trained to meet your needs, desires, and demands – trust them.  The few extra dollars spent hiring an agent will save you money and ultimately provide you with a trip you’ll never forget.

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