Archers National Park- Moab Utah

Archers nat park, Cr-smarttravelinfo

Archers nat park, Cr-smarttravelinfo

A weekend at the Archers National Park

Arches National Park contains the world’s largest concentration of natural stone arches. This National Park is a red, arid desert, punctuated with oddly eroded sandstone forms such as fins, pinnacles, spires, balanced rocks, and arches. The 73,000-acre region has over 2,000 of these “miracles of nature.” The park is 5 miles north of Moab downtown and it’s open 24h a day. The cost would be $10 per vehicle but the ticket is valid for 7 days. The prices vary if you are local, senior. It’s recommended to visit the arches in the afternoon when the sun hits the rock formation. It has the most beautiful red colors you can imagine. When the sun sets, the colors turn into yellow or brown.

How to get there:

When you arrive in Moab, take the highway 191 and if you follow up to 5 miles, you would see the entrance to the park. Go to the visitor’s center and buy your tickets and you are all set to go.

If you drive, you have parking places all over the major rock formations, if you don’t have any, just park on the road and no one will blame you. The rock formations are amazing and it’s not recommended to pick up rocks or venture around. The rocks are fragile.

The visit takes up to 3 h even if you are driving. Some hikes and some bikes, everyone has to share the road. Every 5 mn, you would see new rock formation and sometimes you wonder how it was eroded that way it is. The most amazing rock I’ve seen is the one looks like a fish head with its eyes, mouth a nice face, the others look like a family gathering.( three women standing )

it is hard to describe the beauty of the rocks and if you never seen those before. Make sure to take more pictures. A paved two-lane road runs about 18 miles one-way through the park, with a few short turnoffs along the way. Many of Arches’ sites are visible from pull-offs along the road, but the best views take some short hiking over well marked trails

The best thing to do when you are in the park is to walk to the famous  delicate arch. It’s a treacherous and hard path to follow. You have to able to climb a huge rock for 15mn at least then have to go through some sand dunes then at the end, you have to be brave by following the narrow path leading to the arch. On one side, you see the free fall with huge rocks and the other side it the rock wall everyone want to hold onto. You make sure that you are safe and would be able to walk. If you are taking kids with you. Just make sure they are always with you and hold on to them. When you reach the arch. It’s gorgeous and no world to express the beauty, especially, if you are there during the evening. The area is wide but to get to it, you have to crawl over some rocks and it’s not for everyone. You might have vertigo and most walk back.

Fun things to do:


If you like to camp,there are few camp ground you can reserve but I would recommend you calling the reservations couple weeks in advance if you plan to go during the busy summer.

You will also be able to find hotels around the park for over $100 a night. During the season, the prices are high, just be aware of it.

Hummer safari

The other fun thing to do is to take a Hummer safari, which consists of renting a hummer with a driver for 6 people, and climb the rocks like rock climbers. It is the scariest ride you would ever experience. The hummer climb steep ricks with a 70 degree angle and the driver stops in the middle of the course. The ride takes up to 2h with a small dinner at the end. When you come back it’s dark and exhausted. The ride cost $80 per person and it is worth it.

Sky diving



Balloon flights

Off road driving

Speed boat tours

Rock climbing

White water rafting

Hourse back rides and much  more

Do not worry about food. There are so many restaurants in Moab but if you drink, you have to pay for the alcohol tax. It’s Utah wired drinking law. You have to buy a pass for $5 non refundable and in case you change the bar. You are entitled for another $5.00  not because you are drunk but it’s the law. Moab is a vibrant city and it’s jam packed during the summer time. You would notice jeeps all over the city. I thought it was the jeep city. Everyone has one and many are going off road driving. I recommend you going to see those formations if you are a nature lover. There are so many hikes inside the park and you would appreciate them.

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