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-Juneau Glacier

-Juneau Glacier

This is just a brief reflection to state the obvious. Anticipation is a lot of fun.

We have all told the details of this trip to our friends. So are envious. Others say, “Better you that me.” Everybody’s eyes widen. One of my friends has given me a pair of her good winter socks to take so at least her socks will get to be part of the trip.

We have also had a lot of email exchanges about who has chairs, does anyone need sleeping mats, what books will we bring to share. We don’t all know each other, so email has been a helpful introduction.

Finally, we have engaged in practical planning. We get into the Seattle airport on Thursday, say with friends, rent a vat to Bellingham Friday, meet a friend there for lunch. She will put all our gear in her van until we board the ferry at 4 PM.

This trip is going to happen.

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