An African Safari, Conclusion

Africa is easy to travel in. People are friendly, roads sometimes difficult but passable if you stay on the main road. The greatest obstacle was the bureaucracy. Visas, customs hassles, some regulations seemingly designed to frustrate you. Officials laboriously writing down all your details, including parents’ names, dates and places of birth, in not one, not two but in three dossiers what obviously will never be read by anyone.

 Fresh fish in Cameroon

Fresh fish in Cameroon

In some countries we easily received tourist visas valid for a month, but temporary import visas for our vehicles valid for only two or three days.

Food was easily available; after all, the people who live there also eat! Sometimes their tastes differ, but hey, that is what adventure is all about! The most memorable meal was at a ‘restaurant’ of planks, on the beach in Cameroon, with fish caught an hour before, and roasted on the coals just next to us.

And the people. All along the way, we met new friends who wanted to share our experiences, welcome us into their homes, and hear our stories!

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