An African overland Safari part 1: Morocco

“Safari: A journey or trip: a sightseeing safari”

Fruit stalls in Marrakesh market.

Fruit stalls in Marrakesh market.

We were six: more or less retired, too bored to sit and watch the paint dry. So we decided to see Africa.

From Morocco along the west coast, with a detour into the Sahara, a visit to Timbuktu, and thendown towards the south, we spent almost five months on the road, covered almost 16000 miles,and spent around $ 20 000 per couple. A voyage to remember, memories to cherish.

We shipped our vehicles to Morocco, and were badly advised, so had to spend two weeks knocking around until we could start touring. Fortunately we had a long-suffering friend in Fez who was willing to put us up, and show us this lovely city.

Oasis in the Atlas mountains

Oasis in the Atlas mountains

Once the vehicles were delivered in Casablanca, we spent two weeks touring Morocco, crossing the Atlas mountains three times, and getting tempted by Ali Baba caves of shopping. The thought of  20 border crossings with notorious customs officials, and a severe lack of packing space made us wonder if we should not rather have ended our voyage here.

There are magnificent gorges that run into the Atlas mountains from the south. We followed the nomad invasion route up to the Telouet valley, and down into Marrakesh, where we lounged in the luxury of the imperial city for a while.

And then it was time to head south.


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