Always Double Check Your Destination



When you travel, especially by air, you are putting a great deal of faith in your air carrier. For example, you trust them with your bags. You trust them  to deliver you safely to your final destination. And you trust them that the flight will land in the city that is printed on your ticket. Being a traveler who has traveled for a long time; I begin to wonder if this trust  is misplaced. I mean, airlines lose my baggage all the time and sometimes my three bags
come in three different flights. I have to wait or to get them delivered, but I never expected them to lose ME!

It all went down during one of my trips out of the Seattle airport. I was scheduled to fly into Anchorage, Alaska that day, and so far the trip had gone off without a hitch. Famous last words right? They called my flight, I boarded the plane, settled down in my seat, and just before I plugged myself into my headphones I heard, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is flight 425 non-stop to New York.”

New York!?!?!

That’s in completely the wrong direction!

I jumped up, grabbed my carry-on bag, and ran to the front of the plane. They were shutting the front door, but I begged to get off and was able to slip out at the last second.

The gate agent was still at the counter getting ready to leave so I went up and explained that I had been on the wrong flight. Handing her my ticket we discovered that the flight number as well as the time matched the flight to New York, but the destination said Anchorage, Alaska.

The pretty blonde lady who was at the counter, frustrated by my presence says.

“Are you sure that you are supposed to be traveling to Anchorage today?”

Ummmm no. I made it up! Of course I’m going to Anchorage! I know where I am supposed to be. I booked the ticket.

It took some time  for her to  figure it out. We finally got everything straightened with the help of another manager. I managed to snag the last seat on the next flight to Anchorage. But none of them could figure out how my ticket ended up so crazy. They had never seen anything like it before.

The funny part? My luggage made it to Alaska before I did and was waiting for me.

Location: Seattle- WA

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