Alaska Travel Blog- XVI- Ketchikan and Juneau

    Columbia docked in Ketchikan

Columbia docked in Ketchikan

By Mary Ann McGivern

June 3 and 4

We had a five-hour stop in Ketchikan and walked the two and half miles into town. There we saw five cruise ships line up and booths along side the gangways hawking bus tours of the famous totem poles and airplane views of the region. I would have liked to take the tour of totem poles.

The harbor front was cluttered with souvenir shops. Artisan and artists’ goods were on sale a block or two back. The Alaska Trading Company displayed the most amazing and beautiful collection of furs I saw on the entire trip. Take a look at the fur coat photo.

Creek Street is about two dozen houses build up a hill alongside a creek. Once it was all brothels. In the photos I’ve included some placards about the street. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources is committed to providing interpretation as well as data on the state’s history and natural beauty. The signs throughout the state are well worth reading and admiring for their own original art.

Early the last morning we docked for two hours in Juneau. We hired a taxi driver to take us the five miles into the city. She showed us the governor’s mansion, the capitol, one of the glaciers, and a terrific breakfast stop. No time for shipping here.

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