Alaska Blog IX- The Menu



We have contracted with Alaska. Alpine Adventures to provide the food. Here’s the menu.

The Menu

Six people

Seven days out



Cherry Apple Orzo

Caribbean Couscous

Chorizo Scramble Wrap

Berry Pancakes

Reindeer Gouda Scramble


Roasted Pepper Hummus

Italian Club Sandwich

Bagels and Lox

Mufallata Sandwich

Sun Dried Focaccia

Curried tuna Pita

Tundra Picnic


Pad Thai

Chicken Satay

Teriyaki chicken

Red Enchiladas

Roasted Pepper Bowtie

Basil Pistachio Penne


Mountain Cookie

Coffee Toffee Brownie

Brooks Bar

Babe Ruth Bar

Butter Finger Bar

Grasshopper Pie

Chocolate Bar



Candy Bars, assorted

Cliff Bars, assorted

Snack Mix




Tea, assorted


Crystal Light

The group will also bring beer and wine.

One group member is vegetarian. Dave writes:

I talked with Arron Fetter at AAA and he reminded me that all dinners have the meat added separately. So the Chicken comes separate from the Satay sauce, same for the Teriyaki. The lunches feature salami and  ham which can also be withheld. The Lunch spreads are hearty and are usually accompanied by cheese and onion, which can make a substantial sandwich itself. The chicken ancho lunch is the only one where the meat is already combined with the spread.

I feel confident that we can accommodate a variety of dietary needs with the menu that AAA has provided.

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