Alanya Attractions

Alanya beaches,

Alanya beaches,

I want us to take a brief look at Alanya, a beautiful tourist resort in Turkey, where you will uncover shopping extravaganza, and experience daring travel through the Taurus Mountains, with gorgeous panoramic views to see cotton castles, and calcium water pouring over cliffs from dizzy heights.

In Pamukkale, follow history in the spectacular footsteps of Queen Cleopatra; time will set sail along the picturesque river when you experience Turkish attractions, you will discover simple lifestyle where culture embraces traditional custom, and the thrill of excitement with adventure, can eventually be soaked up in the total refreshed Turkish bath.


Alanya is the Mediterranean region of turkey, dating back to ancient Roman times, with intriguing byzantine citadels, you will see impressive remains of byzantine and ottoman architecture dotted around the place. Modern turkey began developing during the Byzantine Empire and the process continued under Mongol rule. The republic of turkey was established in 1923 with the capitol city Ankara.

Damltus is one of the most popular spot for tourist, where you can explore, Dim cave, walk cautiously through a place where time stood still, share the heartbeat of amazement running under the mountain of Dim River valley, with rocks of curious shapes made distinct by natural water fall.

Another place of exquisite beauty is the Alanya fortress, housing churches and cisterns. The red tower is arguably one of the most iconic sights in Alanya, and this perhaps is the most prominent symbol of this impressive city. However, elsewhere in Alanya we may find remnants of Seljuk `civilization when travelling to Seljuk ruins. But for tourist, the caves and grottoes will formed a curious interest of historical significance. Turkey has a long history adjoined to the ancient world, offering religious interest, such as the seven churches ofAsiaand the legend of Noah’s ark, plus beautiful cites in rich countryside setting.

Shopping in turkey

Alanya is a shopping town for foreign tourist, restaurant and retail outlets lined the main promenade with endless boutiques and pavement cafes, mostly repeating a lot of the same things, but catering for everyone; in the height of summer, when tourist season is at its peak, you can find bargains galore in the discount shops; hats, bags, belts, fragrances and sort after clothes, designer copies are in abundance, and the choices are mostly inexpensive, but a little bartering with shop assistance will of course be required. You will probably lose some inhibitions but gain some newly sprung friends.


Holidaymakers will have opportunity to swim or just lounge around in their resort, soaking up the sun, while observing their clean and pleasant surroundings; the atmosphere is richly lamented with Turkish heritage. There is unlimited accommodation on both sides of the strand, many hotels are set in prime location; and they are adjacent to shops, frequent transportation and natural attractions, the unhurried humor with china chat, brings out more of the activities to enjoy in Alanya.

From Alanya Castle, the view looking down upon Cleopatra beech is magnificent, awash with hotels and apartments, stretching along the sea front in uniform blocks, divided by iconic palm trees, and cycling path. The bright orange taxis can easily be found parked up nearby, but prices vary depending upon your destination, always a good thing to ask the prices first.

Antalya is an ancient city where east meets west, bedazzled by diamond and precious stones, picture perfect cobbled streets and exclusive leather shops. From the airport, the transfer to Alanya will take approximately two hours to reach Alanya, if the driver is slow and is unsure of where your hotel is, then the journey could take longer if there are others passengers to drop off before you.

Popular spot

the shopping plazas are Bordering the two most popular beeches, the east strand known as Damlatas beech, leading to Dim Cay, While Cleopatra strand runs parallel with Ataturk Boulevard, and historical stretch of sand reaching towards the Castle, engulf by the rich waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Alanya was once the seat of enviable attraction, until newer destinations were found.

Cleopatra beech is where the water ridge suddenly goes deep quickly, but with galloping white waves, swimming would be more advisable from the east beech, however, Cleopatra beech is clean with beautiful colors, when sunset hit the waters, the air is fresh and litter is absent. The sun lounge bars offer food and drinks at reasonable prices.
Tour boats float around the island with Alana castle perching along the side of the hill, for tourist to explore the remains of the castle, the view is breathtaking, once you are in the castle, it is one of Alanya’s main attraction, taking you back to ancient times and heroic escapes. Each day coach tours maneuver up the narrow windingTaurusMountain, giving a fabulous backdrop unto parasols Water sports, cruise through the day and spend the evening relaxing with a Turkish meal.

Turkish bath

In leisure time be pampered from head to toe with a traditional Turkish bath, where you will lie back in delightful repose, and let your skin glow to the perfect point of been relaxed, and made refreshed.

Turkish food

Turkish food is an acquired taste, and you will see groups of men sitting around a small table eating natural flavored pasta camouflage with sources, there is freshness of food, and leftovers are seldom found in Turkish hotels, the Turks have perfected their cuisine to a fine craft. Where you will discover kebabs and pita bread, but Alanya caters with other cuisine, such as Indian curry, fish and chips, Tex-Mex, Pizza, pasta, and American burgers served in comfortable surroundings, hotels offering exclusive packages have a greater selection of menus.


Alanya is a safe place for tourist and holiday makers, many resort areas have a European nature, but women are advise to travel in pairs or groups when visiting traditional rural areas, crime is significantly less in turkey than in most parts of Europe, although the Eastern part of turkey is reported to be intimidated for female travelers, it is advisable for single women not to get into a car with strange men, but to refuse politely.

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